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FIFA 23 Title Update #11.1: Patch Notes

Another week, another patch note for EA Sports

by Ashley Anthony

Another week, another patch note for EA Sports with FIFA 23 Title #11.1. The latest FIFA 23 update was announced yesterday and has now been made available, and it looks as if there’s nothing major coming with this patch. However, there are still a few things to note in the patch notes.

This latest entry comes soon after the significant patch notes Title Update #11 came out on April 11, a short while ago. Additionally, it’s only available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Further details about other platforms are still to be released.

FIFA 23 Title Update #11.1 will address a stability issue that could occur in some “rare” cases. Once sorted, it will help players experience fewer crashers and the gameplay should run smoother, hopefully. 

FIFA 23 Title Update #11.1 | Patch Notes
FIFA 23 Title Update #11.1 (Screenshot: EA Sports)

Other Issues Persisting Between Title Updates 11 & #11.1

It hasn’t been all goals and clean sheets for EA with FIFA 23 over the past 10 or so days, with a bit of downtown here and some glitches needing to be sorted out there.

Downtime and Scheduled Maintenance

A few days ago, there was some downtime due to scheduled maintenance. During this time, players were either disconnected from or unable to access online services, and match creation was disabled for 30 minutes before the maintenance. 

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This planned maintenance impacted all titles from FIFA 18 – 23 on all platforms. Thankfully, since then, there haven’t been any more major offline periods, and following the update, it should stay that way for a good while.

Player Items Displaying Incorrect Injury Status

The other problem pestering the community, some player items displayed an incorrect injury status. However, it is and was a visual issue only and has been added to the EASF Tracker. This issue should not impact gameplay, but it may have confused some players.

No other maintenance plans have been put in place, but there have been player complaints of other issues persisting. One such issue is: while playing, teams suddenly change sides, and after the change, you’d control the opposing team. Other problems are that players have had issues getting through a full 90 minutes of football, while others have unresolved player items and pack issues. 

Fingers crossed, the worst is behind us, and everything is running smoothly before the end of the campaign. For more on what’s to come in the coming weeks in FIFA 23, you can read: FIFA 23 Promo Tracker

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