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FIFA 17 – How Penalty Kicks Work

by Bryan Dawson

With all of the set play changes in FIFA 17 it can sometimes be difficult to keep up. Fear not, we’re here to help you out with a breakdown of how the new penalty kick system works in FIFA 17. No longer is your kick based on an acceleration mechanic as it was in the previous game. This time around you have a lot more precision with your shot, giving you the ability to aim with the Left Analog Stick.

Of course there are also new set plays for penalty kicks, which we covered in detail so you can get a handle on which shot you want to use and how best to aim. If you’re looking for more general advice, we’ve also taken a look at the best formation to score goals with.

Getting back to penalty kicks, you’re going to want to start off your penalty kick by pressing the Left Analog Stick in any direction. Moving the Left Analog Stick left or right determines the direction of your shot, while adjusting the power higher or lower also dictates how your shot is aimed.

If you’re shooting a high penalty you’re going to want to use a little more than two bars of power. However, if it’s a low penalty then you want to aim for slightly more than one bar of power for best results. You can also use the Right Analog Stick to determine your starting run up position, which can have an impact depending on which penalty shot you’re using.

Don’t worry too much about adjusting the direction of your penalty kick while you’re holding down the shoot button. You can still use the Left Analog Stick to make adjustments to the direction at any point in time while you’re running up to the ball. Take your time and make sure you get everything just the way you want it, instead of trying to rush and adjust everything all at once.

Be sure to keep an eye on Prima Games as we’ll have more coverage of FIFA 17 all week long. In the meantime, hopefully you’ll be scoring lots of goals!

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