FFXIV: Where to Get the Smaragdine Emerald Weapons

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Although these went almost unnoticed in the Patch Notes, we got some new glowing weapons in Final Fantasy XIV 6.5 “Growing Light.” These are all themed after the original weapons we got in the Emerald Weapon Trial from Shadowbringers, Castrum Marinum. If you’re looking to get one of these special, shining versions of these weapons, get ready to either grind for a good while or open your wallet.

How to Get the Smaragdine Weapons in FFXIV

The new versions of the Emerald Weapon’s armaments are obtained through crafting. The recipes are found in the Master Recipes (VIII) books for each of the crafting jobs required (Blacksmith, Armorer, Goldsmith, and Alchemist) for the weapons. The crafter must be at least at Level 80 to make them. Each recipe uses one Emerald Plating as its key item, which is precisely what makes it special.

Emerald Plating is obtained as a random drop from the Castrum Marinum (Extreme) Trial but can also be obtained by using Desynthesis in the weapons dropped in the same duty. This item is tradable, so you can buy it from other players. But just as with other weapon-crafting items, be ready to spend a few thousand of Gil to get your hands on one of those.


You can buy weapons to dismantle with the totems you get from the Emerald Weapon fight. It’s highly recommended to buy the Paladin’s Emerald Arms since you get both Sword and Shield for the same amount of totems, and both have the same chance of yielding a Plating.

The weapons themselves are also tradable, but they’ll go for even higher amounts on the Board. Unless you have some “don’t care” money saved up and want your new pretty weapon as soon as possible, farming for the Emerald Plating and crafting your desired weapon is the best choice.

The other materials vary according to the weapon, but those are common Shadowbringers items and aren’t as expensive as the Plating. Also, since this is a Shadowbringers-era weapon, there are no Smaragdine weapons for Reaper or Sage.

Older duties are easier to complete nowadays thanks to Unrestricted Party, so you can set up a farming party through the Party Finder to quickly get some farming done. This is the perfect chance to get this fight’s mount if you haven’t already either. As cool as the new mounts in the 6.5 patch are, there are also some awesome things you can get from past expansions.

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