FFXIV: Where to Get Hagnos Cloth

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FFXIV Hagnos Cloth

It’s obvious how dressing up your character is the most important part of Final Fantasy XIV. The Glamour System gives you a lot of versatility to use as many attires as you want as long as you can get your hands on them. For that goal, you’ll need to have a few special materials such as the Hagnos Cloth.

Hagnos Cloth was added in Patch 6.3 Gods Revel, Lands Tremble as a new crafting item, and its main use is to fabricate each of the new Salon Server attire items. If you ever wanted to build an in-game café, you need to dress properly. Here’s how you can get this crucial material.

How to Get Hagnos Cloth in Final Fantasy XIV

Hagnos Cloth can be obtained randomly as a reward for completing Ophiotauroskin Treasure Maps. As you explore this new roulette hell and try not to be split out of it, you can get Treasure Chests for completing each level flawlessly. These treasure chests can contain a random amount of Hagnos Cloth, which will always be displayed in the Loot window. Khumbiraskin Treasure Maps also can get you these, but at a lower chance than the Ophiotauroskin ones.

So that means that whenever you’re lucky enough to drop it, anyone in the duty could grab it. And since those maps are usually done at parties, you’re not always guaranteed to get the Cloths. Your best option is to open maps with friends or your FC so you can plan how to distribute your loot.

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Most groups either leave all the drops for the map’s owner, but they might decide on free rolling on everything too. If your only goal is to profit, you can leave the loot with the most trustable person in the group and let them sell it for you all, dividing the gains equally across the party members later.

Whichever methods you prefer, Treasure Maps are the only way you can get Hagnos Cloth, unless you just buy them directly from the Market Board. This will probably cost you a fortune, but rich people are everywhere these days.

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