FFXIV: How to Catch an Apkallu of Paradise in Island Sanctuary

Two tickets to Paradise.

Final Fantasy XIV’s latest 6.2 content patch has been released and introduced the long-anticipated Island Sanctuary for players to enjoy. Giving Warriors of Light a brief respite, Island Sanctuaries allow players to gather resources, craft tools, construct workshops, and capture wild animals for farming and cute companionship. Alongside the common wildlife found around the island are more rare animals that you may come across from time to time, and capturing them can yield special “Leavings” that they’ll drop if you keep them happy and well-fed. One such rare animal in FFXIV’s Island Sanctuary is the Apkallu of Paradise, and if you’re searching for it, continue reading to learn the time and location to make the catch.

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Capturing Animals in FFXIV Island Sanctuary

You can’t expect to handle wildlife with your bare hands – you’ll need to craft some sort of restraint first. Because animals come in different sizes, the appropriately-sized tool will be necessary to make the right catches. The Apkallu of Paradise is considered a Small animal, so you can use the Makeshift Net to catch this one, which the tutorial has already taught you. In case you’re out of nets, you’ll need the following items to craft a new one:

  • 1 Island Branch
  • 2 Island Vine

Once crafted, select Capture mode and choose the Makeshift Net as your tool.

Capturing the Apkallu of Paradise – Time and Location

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Because the Apkallu of Paradise is a rare spawn, you’ll only have luck finding it during the hours of 12 PM to 3 PM Eorzean Time. Around the northern shores of the island, you’ll find a beach next to a river around the (X: 19, Y: 11) coordinates. Travel there during the specific window of Eorzean time, and you’ll spot yourself the elusive Apkallu of Paradise. Fortunately, the chance of it spawning won’t be affected by the weather.

Use the Makeshift Net on the Apkallu of Paradise and you’ll nab yourself a soon-to-be friend. If successful, the Apkallu will be settled in your pasture back at your Island Sanctuary, and you’ll be able to begin feeding and increasing their mood levels. Make sure to give them attention, as they will yield Sanctuary Egg leavings for you once a day.

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