FFXIV: How to Unlock the Margrat Custom Deliveries

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FFXIV Margrat Custom Deliveries Featured

Crafters and Gatherers have a new side activity to pursue in the Final Fantasy XIV 6.5 patch, “Growing Light,” with the introduction of a new Custom Delivery client. Margrat was first introduced in the 6.4 Main Scenario Quests, but she’s now a fully fleshed-out NPC with her own side story, and here’s how you can follow it.

Where to Get the Margrat Custom Deliveries Quests

You can start the Margrat Custom Deliveries by getting the quest A Request of One’s Own from Theopaldin in Old Sharlayan at (X:13.8 Y:15.0), next to the port. You must be a Disciple of Hand or Land at Level 80 or higher and have unlocked Custom Deliveries through the “Go West, Craftsman” quest. You must also have completed the 6.4 Main Quest Scenario up to “Going Haam,” where you first meet the workaholic Margrat.

The quest is quite easy to complete, and you’ll immediately get access to Margrat’s requests. Custom Deliveries require you to craft or gather special items and give them to the NPC in exchange for Satisfaction, Gil, White Scrips, and experience to your current job. If you’re already at the level cap, you get Purple Scrips instead of Experience points.

They are one of the best methods to quickly level your gatherers and crafters and get some easy currencies for buying materials and other stuff. By reaching a certain level of Satisfaction, you can cast Glamours on the NPC.

Materials for crafting the items can be bought from R’dhyanki in the same room as you find Margrat in Labyrinthos. At the same time, you can check where to get her required items by right-clicking on said item and selecting “Search for Item by Gathering Method.”

You can make up to 6 Deliveries per week for each NPC, with a maximum of 12 Deliveries in total per week. This limit is reset weekly on Tuesdays, just like many other weekly activities in the game. This is one of the best DoH/DoL-focused activities available in the game, but if combat’s more your thing, you can start chasing for the Apocryphal Bahamut mount instead.

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