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FFXIV: How to Unlock New Viera Hairstyles in 6.3

Getting stylish, aren't we

by Patrick Souza
FFXIV New Viera Hairstyles 6.3

The Viera race used to have it rough when it comes to hairstyles in FFXIV, but Endwalker has been very generous with them by blessing the bunny people with new ways to decorate that fur around their ears. The introduction of male Vieras was very likely a decisive factor for that to happen.

More hairstyles have been added with each update, and patch 6.3 Gods Revel, Lands Tremble is no different. Here are all the new hairstyles introduced for Viera in the latest patch for Final Fantasy XIV and how to get them.

How to Unlock the New Viera Hairstyles in Final Fantasy XIV 6.3

Viera Hairstyles 6.3
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Vieras now have 6 new different ways of combing their hair, with three of them being immediately available on Character Creation or through the Aesthetician, and the other three being unlocked through game progression. Below are the respective unlockable hairstyles and how you get them.

HairstyleWhere to GetNPC
Modern Aesthetics – AdventureBuy for 14 MGP in the Gold SaucerModern Aesthetics Saleswoman (X5.4, Y6.5)
Modern Aesthetics – Styled for HireBuy for 18,000 Wolf Marks in the Wolf’s Den PierMark Quartermaster (X4.5, Y6.0)
Modern Aesthetics – Saintly StyleBuy for 1,800 Skybuilders’ Scrips in The Firmament or randomly obtained in the Fête PresentsEnie (X12, Y14)

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Adventure is basically given for free, in case you haven’t got it already. The other two can be a problem, though. Getting enough Wolf Marks can be daunting if you don’t enjoy PvP, but if you’re going for the new Linkpearl emote, you’ll cap on Wolf Marks sooner or later. These hairstyles are not tradable, and you need to get them the hard way.

But Saintly Style is not trade-forbidden, so you can buy it off from the Market Board if you don’t feel like grinding Diadem for the Skybuilders’ Scrips or relying on pure luck in the Fêtes. They do give you some Scrips, though, and so they end up serving as another farming method. It’s waaaay slower, but it works.

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