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FFXIV: How to Get the Axolotl Mount

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by Patrick Souza
FFXIV Axolotl Mount

This is what everyone was waiting for. A HUGE axolotl. All yours to ride. Completely for free! Well, not exactly free, but you don’t have to spend anything on it. Anyways, you can now have this majestic animal both as a minion and a mount in Final Fantasy XIV if you’re dedicated enough. But it will probably be quite rare to see it so soon. Here’s how to get the Axolotl mount in FFXIV.

How to Get the Megaloambystoma Mount in FFXIV

With an almost unpronounceable official name, the Megaloambystoma is a reward for completing Anabaseios: The Twelfth Circle (Savage), popularly known as P12S. The final Savage fight for Endwalker is a heavily ramped-up version of the Normal difficulty fight, complete with an entirely new phase included in the fight, something that the final encounter in each Savage tier is already known for.

The Savage Anabaseios fights are not available yet, and will only be unlockable a full week after the patch’s release date. Take that time to gear up and get a group together before heading into the final endgame challenge for Endwalker.

When the final boss is finally struck down, the Megaloambystoma Horn is guaranteed to drop as long as all eight players haven’t finished the fight previously in this week. Only one gets the mount in the end and it’s untradeable, so good luck on your rolls!

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Whether you’re doing the Savage fights with a Static or in PF, you cannot roll for the mount again after you’ve first claimed it, so your chances at reclear parties will theoretically be higher every new week. 

Some Statics I’ve been into would let Healers and Tanks have the mount first since they’re usually the last ones to receive gear, and it always felt as fair as it could be for me. Show your fellow support players some love and let them get those cosmetics first. They’ve kept you alive for a whole tier, so the least you can do is let them have their own giant Axolotl.

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