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FFXIV: How to Dive Underwater

Just beneath the surface.

by Jesse Vitelli

You’ll need to remember a lot of different controls in FFXIV. There’s always some combination of buttons to accomplish a task, and you probably have not had to dive underwater in quite some time. So, here’s how to dive underwater in FFXIV.

FFXIV: How to Dive Underwater

First off, you can not dive underwater everywhere, but most significant bodies of water that do not have a floor beneath them will work. You don’t unlock the ability to dive underwater until the Stormblood expansion, where the game will teach you how the system works and then ask you to use it for some quests.

If you’ve simply forgotten how to do it, it’s simple! Enter any body of water that allows diving, and click the CTRL and Spacebar buttons if you’re on a mouse and keyboard.

If you’re on a controller, to dive, all you need to hit is the circle button on a Dualshock or the B button on an Xbox controller.

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This will allow you to dive underwater and see the whole area beneath the surface. It’s great for gathering rare resources and materials in your Island Sanctuary. Even though you don’t use it often, never forget it because it will be needed when you least expect it.

Once underwater, you can use your mount to swim around faster to save some time. It’s a great way to get around underwater, as swimming can sometimes be pretty slow.

We;, that’s everything you need to know about how to dive underwater in FFXIV. We have plenty of coverage for Island Sanctuary that you’ll want to check out. Take a look at how to find Island Copper Ore, capture a Dodo of Paradise, and even how to travel to other players’ islands.

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