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FFXIV: All Available Merch at Fanfest 2023

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Final Fantasy XIV players are eating well this week. Not only the Online Store has put up a new special sale with some old and new items at a discounted price, but there’s also the Fan Festival 2023 event happening later this week. As per tradition, this is a special event filled with everything FFXIV, from developer talks to live show performances. And, of course, some special merch here and there. 

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There’s a wide selection of exclusive, official products available for purchase at the Fan Fest for fans who want to show the world how much they love their MMO. And if you’re thinking about what you can get there, here’s a full list of what you can buy at the FFXIV Fan Festival 2023.

All FFXIV Fan Festival 2023 Merch Listed

This is all the currently revealed merchandise announced by Square Enix on the official Fanfest website. Stocks are limited, so there’s a very good chance that you might miss some of the items depending on how late you get to the stores.

  • T-Shirt –  Moon Party: $36 USD
  • T-Shirt – Hydaelyn: $36 USD
  • T-Shirt – Zero: $36 USD
  • T-Shirt – Loporrit Adventure: $36 USD
  • Hoodie – Moon Party: $58 USD
  • Final Fantasy XIV Shawl – Amaurot: $72 USD
  • Silver Pendant Azem’s Crystal: $271 USD
  • Mug – Old Sharlayan: $36 USD
  • Elpis Flower Light: $50 USD
  • Flocked Figurine – Loporrit: $71 USD
  • Alpha & Omega Plushie: $65 USD
  • Portly Porxie Plushie: $38 USD
  • Plushie Keychain Ancient One: $16 USD
  • Plushie Keychain Great Serpent of Ronka:  $16 USD
  • Plushie Keychain Fat Cat:  $16 USD
  • Neck Pillow Plushie Ambystoma: $44 USD
  • Neck Pillow Plushie Morbol Seedling: $44 USD
  • Neck Pillow Plushie Mameshiba: $44 USD
  • Delivery Moogle Plushie: $44 USD
  • Plush Cushion Fat Cat: $44 USD
  • Mini Plush Moogle: $20 USD
  • Cait Sith Doll Plushie: $40 USD
  • Paissa Patissier Plushie: $38 USD
  • Moogle Slippers: $38 USD
  • Tote Bag Minion March: $27 USD
  • Eorzean Symphony Water Bottle Sling: $36 USD
  • Sling Bag – Job Icons: $36 USD
  • Foldable Eyeglass Case – Job Icons: $36 USD
  • Compact Wallet – Job Icons: $60 USD
  • Mask Case – Job Icons: $31 USD
  • Paissa Towel – Pink: $13 USD
  • Paissa Towel – Brown: $13 USD
  • Eorzean Symphony Art Print Set: $20 USD
  • FFTCG Opus 20 Pre-Release Kit: $50 USD
  • Endwalker Gaming Mouse Pad: $38 USD
  • Minion Miniature Vol.1 Blind Box (1 box): $7 USD
  • Minion Miniature Vol.1 Display: $70 USD
  • Minion Miniature Vol.2 Blind Box (1 box): $7 USD
  • Minion Miniature Vol.2 Display: $70 USD
  • Endwalker Acrylic Stand – Lady of the Light: $24 USD
  • Endwalker Acrylic Stand – Zenos: $26 USD
  • Endwalker Acrylic Stand – G’raha Tia: $24 USD
  • Endwalker Acrylic Stand – Estinien: $26 USD
  • Endwalker Acrylic Stand – Alphinaud: $23 USD
  • Endwalker Acrylic Stand – Alisaie: $23 USD
  • Endwalker Acrylic Stand – Tataru: $20 USD
  • Endwalker Acrylic Stand – Krile: $20 USD
  • Acrylic Block – Legacy: $49 USD
  • Acrylic Block – A Realm Reborn: $49 USD
  • Acrylic Block – Heavensward: $49 USD
  • Acrylic Block – Stormblood: $49 USD
  • Acrylic Block – Shadowbrigers: $49 USD
  • Acrylic Block – Endwalker: $49 USD
  • Endwalker Vinyl LP: $38 USD
  • Endwalker: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack [Blu-Ray]: $60 USD
  • Death Unto Dawn: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack [Blu-Ray]: $54 USD
  • Scions & Sinners: Final Fantasy -Arrangement Album- [Blu-Ray]: $44 USD
  • Shadowbringers: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack [Blu-Ray]: $54 USD
  • The Primals Zepp Tour 2018 Trial By Shadow [Blu-Ray]: $60 USD
  • Final Fantasy XIV The Best [Blu-Ray]: $54 USD
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblodd Original Soundtrack [Blu-Ray]: $54 USD
  • The Far Edge of Fate: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack [Blu-Ray]: $58 USD
  • Heavensward: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack [Blu-Ray]: $54 USD
  • The Primals – Beyond the Shadow [CD]: $27 USD
  • Pulse: Final Fantasy XIV Remix Album: $38 USD
  • Final Fantasy XIV Job Icons Pins – Tank & Healer: $11 USD
  • Final Fantasy XIV Job Icons Pins – DPS: $11 USD
  • Final Fantasy XIV Class Icons Pins: $11 USD

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Whew, that’s a long list! Alongside the purchase goods, all attendees will also receive a special goodies bag which includes a Squishable version of the beloved low-poly Endwalker Grapes. Now that’s a good gift!

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