Fayz Trials: Hypothesis Event Guide and Rewards in Genshin Impact

Slow motion potions for the win

Fayz Trials Hypothesis Genshin Impact Event

If you enjoy recording each and every important battle moment, the Fayz Trails: Hypothesis might be just the perfect event for you. This special battle arena is back once again to Genshin Impact, this time improving on what it previously did and bringing it to a more enjoyable level.

Instead of just brute forcing your way through the stages, just take a few steps back and take a picture. And then watch as all of your enemies are slaying to pieces. All of that while you enjoy using some characters you never used before. Here’s our guide for the Hypothesis Event in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact – Fayz Trials: Hypothesis Event Guide

The event is available for all players at Adventure Rank 20 or higher that have finished all of Mondstadt’s Archon Quests (ending in “Song of the Dragon and Freedom”), but you’ll probably be a little bit higher since the quest begins in Sumeru. 

Once you’re ready, open your Quest tab and follow the “Experiment Phase: Uncontrolled Parameters” temporary quest to unlock the event. Speak with Jami and enter the domain door to start your challenge. 

If you haven’t participated in the previous iteration, the rules are quite simple. You enter a battle and your goal is to use the Fayz Potion to stop enemies mid-motion while you enter Camera mode yourself. Enemies will have Weaknesses (represented as blue or orange dots), which you have to photograph to trigger a special attack which varies according to the stage you’re in.

The big twist here is that now you have a preset team, and the special attack triggered by the potion’s effects interacts with your team to create reactions/special buffs for you to deal with enemies easier. The first team, for example, is a Burning comp, but the only Dendro you can apply is by scanning enough Weaknesses at once. 

Screenshot by Prima Games

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Potions can be used with the T key, and they are charged by defeating monsters normally. You can then use the Enter key to take a regular picture, or press the Skill key to scan the Weaknesses. Orange dots are worth more points than blue ones. You can have up to three Potion charges at once, so spend them regularly to avoid overcapping. It’s hard not to when you get a functional comp with recent characters that you might not use very often.

Fayz Trials: Hypothesis Rewards

The rewards for the event are the usual x420 Primogems for completing all stages, while you also get tons of Mora, Experience Books, Weapon Ascension Materials, and Talent Books. But the best part is definitely getting to enjoy some awesome characters for free. You can even grab some ideas for new teams, since the ones they used in this event are all surprisingly very decent.

The goals for each challenge are pretty much the same. As long as you scanned at least 30 weaknesses in each stage, you should have no problems with getting all of the

A new trial will be unlocked each day, so you can treat it and grab those rewards as an extra daily mission or just wait to knock’em all at once. I would definitely choose the daily route, as the current banners are just too good for you not to try your luck.

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