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Fastlane: Road to Revenge Tips and Tricks

by Prima Games Staff

Fastlane: Road to Revenge may remind some people of the classic Spy Hunter games, but there’s a lot that defines this mobile title as being unique. This article offers some Fastlane: Road to Revenge tips so you can push the pedal to the metal and crank up your score. If you’ve been looking for Fastlane tips, you’ve come to the right place!

Stay Alive by Drifting Between Just a Few Lanes

When you first hit the road, it’s very tempting to wildly charge between all five lanes, blasting cars and making it rain. As your distance increases, the game speeds up giving you less time to react, so maintaining this momentum will get very difficult. Try focusing on two or three lanes until you have completed a few missions and upgraded your weapons.

Learn the Obstacles Patterns to React to Danger Faster

At first, it’s easy to be tricked into thinking that everything on the road in Fastlane is randomized. However, if you pay close attention you will begin to notice patterns. Learning these patterns will give you a huge advantage over them – this works for incoming rockets too. If you can dodge road work, you can dodge rockets!

Higher Level Player Cars Are Always Better

Have you ever wondered if those higher levels cars you can unlock in your Garage are worth it?  Well apart from looking sweet, they also let you collect Cash and XP faster as well as netting you more REP points for every vehicle you’re destroy.  Unlocking the next car is easily the fastest way to improve your hi-score!

Slow Down Time to Get Out of a Tight Spot

When you take your finger off the screen, the game continues at a much slower speed. Use this to your advantage! Facing a barrage of rockets? SLOW DOWN! Want to get to the other side of the road to blast a cash truck? SLOW DOWN!

Earn Cash Fast with Powerful Transformations!

If you like explosions and cash, you’ll love the Transformations.  Unlock Transformations by leveling up and collecting flashing cubes mid-race.  One minute you’re driving up the road in a car, then BAM! You are flying an attack helicopter blasting speedboats. SO MUCH CASH!

Lead The Gun Trucks Fire Away From You

The gun truck bullets hurt a lot, and sometimes you can’t kill them fast enough to stop them firing, especially late in the race.  Instead of sticking to their lane and exchanging fire with them, it can be advantageous to move to one side of the road, wait for the trucks to start shooting, and then move into their lane to kill them. Bait their shots out and then hit them between their bursts!

Continues Help You Earn More XP and REP

If you survive long enough in a race, you start to see bonus XP and REP cars.  So at the end of a good run, it’s totally worth Continuing to refill your health and grab loads of extra Cash, XP and REP points.  Not only will you be able to upgrade your car faster, you’ll stand a good chance of beating your hi-score and your rivals.

Spend Diamonds to Get Diamonds

After you’ve been on the road for a little while, you will start attracting serious attention. The APC is pretty intimidating, and very capable of ending your run. Endurance is key to defeating the APC, so learn the attack pattern and focus on getting out of the way of incoming rockets and bullets. You can’t do damage if you get blown up!  You Usually earn Diamonds from destroying an APC, so spending Diamonds to Continue is worth it.

Max Your Repair Bot to Max Your Survivability

All upgrades in Fastlane are created equal, but some are more equal than others. Take the Repair Bot for example …no seriously take it, it’s overpowered.  For as long as the Repair Bot is active your car’s health will replenish.  The longer you are on the road, the bigger your chance of a high score!

Unlock Extra Guns For Your Car to Max Your DPS

You can’t be everywhere at once, especially when you’re dodging rockets and roadblocks.  The big weakness of your main gun is that it only shoots forward and so you’ll miss out on loot drops from vehicles off to the side.  Simply unlock the ‘Extra Guns’ upgrade for a one off Diamond cost – further upgrades just cost Cash.  These ‘Extra Guns’ seriously increase your DPS and help you hoover up all Cash, XP and Diamonds that will be flying across the road.

Play Weekend Events to Unlock Powerful UAVs

Every weekend, Fastlane introduces brand new challenges and content.  Completing the challenges gifts you Godlen Credits which you can exchange for UAVs.  There are many types including Plasma Beams and Lazer Cutters.  Unlock and upgrade all of them to sweep aside the competition.

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