Fastest Way to Unlock Armory Items in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Explained

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Many of the unlocks in Modern Warfare 3 are placed behind the Armory system, and grinding through them all can be a long process. There is really only one way to speed up the process, and I’m here to help you with this progression guide.

How to Unlock Armory Items Fastery in Modern Warfare 3

The fastest way to earn Armory Unlocks is by reaching the bonus Daily Challenge and then winning as many matches as you can. All of the unlocks in this system are earned by completing Daily Challenges. Every day you get three tasks that can range anywhere from Semtex kills to headshots with secondary weapons.

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Once those are out of the way, you get access to the bonus Daily Challenge. This is the same for everyone and it always tasks you with earning one victory in any match of your choice. In other words, you get one point towards the unlock you are tracking every time you earn a victory. So the more wins you get, the faster you progress the Armory.

My suggestion is to play Kill Confirmed with a decent squad or Hardpoint if you’re feeling a little sweatier. With proper communication, you can pretty reliably win a lot of those matches. Kill Confirmed is incredibly controllable with a squad behind you. Search and Destroy, on the other hand, is much more complex and takes more time.

After 24 hours are up in Modern Warfare 3, the Daily Challenges reset. That means you have to do the basic three all over again before you get back to grinding out wins in Multiplayer. Most of the time, they are fairly easy so I would just try to knock them out as fast as you can. That way you can passively earn wins and continue to use the loadouts you want for more XP across the board.

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