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Far Cry Primal – All Wenja Bracelet Locations

by Bryan Dawson

There are 25 Wenja Bracelets located in the northern and central areas of Oros. As you approach one of these collectibles, a green circle will illuminate on your mini-map letting you know that a Wenja Bracelet is nearby. If you still can’t find the item, Hunter Vision will make it glow, but until you get close enough it can still be difficult to find. Luckily, we’ve detailed the location of all 25 Wenja Bracelets in Far Cry Primal. If you’re looking for the Spirit Totems or Izila Masks, be sure to check out our guides for finding them as well.

Wenja Bracelet Locations

Stone Beak Bonfire – Head to the far northeast of Oros to the bonfire where you’ll find a grappling point that allows you to reach the area just below. Move forward to find a second grappling point that allows you to reach the top of the area. There’s a bone tree here and the Wenja Bracelet is found at its base.

Mamaf Graveyard – Once you reach the graveyard, head over to the plateau to the southeast and use the southwest grappling point once you arrive. When you reach the top you’ll find the Wenja Bracelet to the right of a small pile of rocks.

Northern Valley – There isn’t a properly designated area for this Wenja Bracelet. It’s located to the north in the valley that connects the northern most region of Oros to the rest of the greater land mass. You’ll find a group of three bone trees here. Move directly in front of them and drop down to the area below, then follow the cliff to the right to find the Wenja Bracelet inside a small alcove.

Platu Cave Outpost – When you reach the outpost head northwest down the path to find a frozen pond. Near the back portion of the ice there’s a large tree and a rocky point. The Wenja Bracelet is at the base of the rock, near a skeleton.

Platu Cave Outpost (2nd Bracelet) – From the outpost head into the valley to the northeast and climb up the grappling point to the right. Head up the hill and a circle should appear on your map indicating the item is nearby. Use another grappling point to reach the next level and look around the dead wolf to the right to discover the Wenja Bracelet.

Yagi Arrow Bonfire – Head north from the bonfire to reach a body of water. Once you arrive head around the rocks on the left until you come to the top of the waterfall. There’s a Wenja Bracelet in the middle of the water near a few bones.

Yagi Arrow Bonfire (2nd Bracelet) – From the location of the first bracelet, continue down the stream to the east until a circle pops up on the map. There should be another waterfall here. Drop down and look on the left bank to discover another Wenja Bracelet.

Twarsha Cave Outpost – From the outpost head down the trail to the east to find a rocky area to the left that’s in the shape of a horseshoe. Look to the right of the horseshoe to find a Wenja Bracelet next to a sack.

Big Darwa Fort – Head to the fort then follow the northwest trail until the path splits. Go right, then move onto the ledge when you reach the first sharp rock to the left. Drop down to find a Wenja Bracelet near a spear and an old campfire.

Cut Mamaf Cave – When you reach the cave head northwest and over to the far left side of the cliff here. There’s a grappling point to the right that allows you to head up to the area above. From here go northeast until you reach a skeleton with an arrow in its chest. The Wenja Bracelet is on the skeleton’s wrist.

Cut Mamaf Cave (2nd Bracelet) – From the cave head to the opposite side of the lake (far east side) to find a waterfall. At the base of the waterfall is another Wenja Bracelet near a skeleton.

Cold Swim Cave – You’ll find this cave around the southeastern portion of Oros. Here you’ll find a cut near a fire with a Wenja Bracelet inside.

Udam Homeland Area – If you search the northwest portion of the Udam homeland area you’ll find a waterfall. North of that waterfall there’s a group of branches on the ground by the mountain. The Wenja Bracelet is located next to the branches.

Mamsa Saja Bonfire – This bonfire is located in the southwest portion of the Udam homeland, and should be easily access from the previous Wenja Bracelet location. From the bonfire head up the hill beyond the watchtower to find the Wenja Bracelet near a group of rocks and a few Mammoth skulls.

Roaring Falls Bonfire – When you reach the bonfire, head south, then southeast along the ridge until you reach an opening to the right that seems to be filled with rocks. Break through the barrier to find a Wenja Bracelet just beyond.

Marsa Cave – While this bracelet isn’t technically in the cave, it’s the closest landmark. Between the Marsa Cave and the Cut Mamaf Cave there’s a hill to the northeast that leads up toward a cliff. Here you’ll find a skeleton near two rocks and a rocky path above. There’s a boulder here with a Wenja Bracelet hidden behind it.

Marsa Cave (2nd Bracelet) – Head east of the cave until you reach a campfire. From here for down the hill to the southeast and continue to follow the ridge until you hit the green circular marker on your map. Head left at the large tree to find a Wenja Bracelet at the spear in the ground.

Marsa Cave (3rd Bracelet) – From the location of the second bracelet in this area, head around the mountain to the south to reach the island. Move around to the top of the hill to find a Wenja Bracelet on a skeleton with a spear sticking out of it.

Swaras Outpost – When you reach the outpost head across the river to the east to find a weakened section of rocks on the bank of the river. Break through the weak rocks to find a Wenja Bracelet just beyond.

Piki Meat Outpost – From the outpost head down the hill to the northwest until you reach the remains of a human alongside a Sabretooth Tiger skull. The Wenja Bracelet is located between these remains.

Piki Meat Outpost (2nd Bracelet) – Head down the path to the east of the outpost to find a large pool of mud. The Wenja Bracelet is located on the north side of the pool near a rib cage.

Piki Meat Outpost (3rd Bracelet) – Southwest of the outpost is a second pool of mud where a Wenja Bracelet is found on the south side near an outcropping of rocks.

Cave of Sun Walkers – There’s a campfire just northeast of the cave with a cliff to the southwest of the campfire. Drop off the cliff to find a Wenja Bracelet on a rock next to a spear.

Burning Spear Bonfire – From the bonfire head to the island to the west. On the northern portion of the island there’s a Wenja Bracelet hanging from a dislocated arm on a rock near the middle of the stream.

Burning Spear Bonfire (2nd Bracelet) – Head east to the waterfall, then dive into the water at the base of the falls. Use Hunter Vision to find a Wenja Bracelet near the bottom of the water.

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