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Far Cry 5 – How to Complete Well Done Event

by Josh Hawkins

Far Cry 5 has already kicked off its first community event, and the first event ‘Well Done’ challenges players to kill 20 animals with fire, without using Molotovs or Flamethrowers. This might seem like a formidable challenge for many—and it is—but we’re going to teach you how to kill animals without using molotovs and flamethrowers, that way you can complete the Well Done challenge in Far Cry 5 and earn yourself some cool rewards.

How to Complete Well Done Without Molotovs or Flamethrowers

Despite the fact that you can’t use molotovs or flamethrowers, there are still plenty of ways to take out animals with fire in Far Cry 5. Among these options are some easier ways, as well as some more difficult ways. Completing this challenge will reward you with the FlameBearer weapon, which you can then use to set fire to all of your enemies and any animals you want to hunt with it.

As we mentioned above, there are a number of ways to take out animals with fire that do not involve using the Molotov or the flamethrower. In fact, there are a total of four ways that we were able to come up with in order to complete our challenge.

The first way, and probably one of the best ways, is to kill animals using the Incendiary Arrows on your Bow. Not only will this be the easiest way to not kill them (as the arrow won’t instantly kill most animals), it’s also the easiest method in which to not end up burning yourself to pieces.

The second way to kill animals with fire is to shoot them with Incendiary Shells using your Shotgun. We’d suggest hitting the animal once, letting it catch fire, and them maybe hitting it again if you think it needs it. Make sure the fire does the killing though, or it won’t count.

A third method that you can use to kill animals with fire will require you to unlock the Blowtorch. Once you have the Blowtorch, run up to any animal and use it to catch them on fire. Just be aware that it will also catch the world around you on fire, so be prepared to run.

Finally, the last way, and probably the least effective way in our opinion, is to make use of the cluster Incendiary Bombs in the aircraft. You have to be very precise to pull of fire kills with these bombs, so make sure you’re very careful if you use these. The upside here, though, is you can just bomb entire forests and catch stuff on fire.

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