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Where To Get A Shovel In Fallout 76

by Prima Games Staff

Fallout 76 may not have had the easiest launch of as videogames go, but there are still plenty of fans out there exploring the wasteland. Several of them have run into trouble in one of the weirdest ways. They’re struggling to find a shovel. Yes, really, of all the things that are tough to come by after the apocalypse, shovels were not first on our list, but here we are. In this guide, we’ll teach you where to get a shovel in Fallout 76.

Shovels aren’t sought after because of some newly discovered value in the Fallout universe, they’re actually needed for the Buried with Honor quest. Unfortunately, they’re also pretty rare and not that hard to spot. Fortunately, there are a few places you can guarantee you’ll find them. Bear in mind though that if another player has been there first, they may already have nicked your precious shovel and you’ll need to head to another spot. Here are all the locations you can get a shovel in Fallout 76:

  • Morgantown Airport – in a grave outside.
  • Flatwoods – in a grave behind the church
  • Hornwright Summer Villa – inside the garage
  • Sunshine Meadows – inside the industrial farm, on the top floor
  • Whitespring – on an oil barrel next to the service entrance
  • Lewis & Sons Farming Supply – In a ruined shed to the east
  • Gauley Mine – just inside the entrance

If you’re already at the quest location for Buried with Honor, the nearest spot for a shovel is the grave at Morgantown Airport (southwest of Prickett’s Fort). If you don’t have any luck there, head on down to Gauley Mine to look for the next one.

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