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Fallout 76 – How to Join the Enclave Faction

by Larryn Bell

During your travels across the West Virginian wilderness in Fallout 76, did you ever find yourself pining for access to a nuclear silo? Yeah, you’re not alone; we did too. Luckily for the both of us, there is a faction in Fallout 76 that gives resources to do just this.  Known as the The Enclave, the faction’s mission is to ensure US government control is maintained. They do this by setting up locations of control across the United States. One of those location isyou guessed itin the heart of Appalachia. We’ll explain how to go about joining the Enclave in Fallout 76.

To join the Enclave in Fallout 76 and access their secret bunker, you have to start somewhere. You should begin to the east of The Mire. Look for the Abandoned Waste Dump. Beware, though, because you will find two high-level Deathclaws. Once you defeat them (hopefully you are playing co-op with some friends), proceed to the back of the cave where you will find a control-locked elevator. This means you can’t use it. Instead of wasting your time fiddling with the controls, look for a nearby alcove to find the corpse of an Enclave agent. Once you inspect the corpse and take his holotape, the Bunker Buster quest will begin.

Look for the nearby Deathclaw nest and pick up the Security Bypass holotape. Play the holotape while standing in front of the access panel inside the elevator to listen to the instructions on how to enter the bunker. Listening to the tape from inside will allow the elevator to start working. 

After taking the elevator to reach the inside of the bunker, the next step is to find a way to bypass the bunker’s laser grid. Follow the agents around until you find a note that gives you more instructions. The note will let you know how to bypass the laser grid. In the security room above the laser grid hall, you will find a desk with a note inside with even more instructions. This new note, titled the Security System Manual Reset, will instruct you even further on how to bypass the laser grid. 

The goal is to hack into the security terminal in the room. If you have the right skills, you can hack the terminal directly. If not, your other option is to follow the instructions on the note from the desk. Here is what the instructions say to do:

  • Throw circuit breakers, laundry room
  • Open air flue, above generator
  • Activate circuit conduit, upstairs in vents

Once you have followed the instructions above, you will be able to get through the laser grid and gain access to the inner bunker, where you will find the body of a dead senator. Nearby you will also see a keypad on the wall. Look around the room for dated documents. These dates act as possible solutions to the keypad code. 

The code may not be the same for everyone, so keep typing whatever number sequences you find on the documents into the keypad until one of them works as a solution. This will reveal a secret chamber hidden behind one of the paintings on the wall. Inside you will find an Access Card to the Whitespring Bunker.

Make your way to the Whitespring Resort and look for the entrance to the bunker. Use your new keycard to gain easy entry to the bunker, bypassing the laser grid this time. Inside the bunker you will meet MODUS, your bunker host. Humor your host by listening to his ramblings. He will eventually, as a test of loyalty, give you the quest titled One of Us. 

After taking the optional exam, MODUS will task you with infiltrating Sugar Grove and defeat a robot guardian. Next, you’re going to go to the Signal Intelligence station and load the System Access Tape into the terminal. Watch out for hostile robots and turrets along the way. Head downstairs to find the room with the computer terminals. 

Once the uplink is finished and you’ve gathered the lost data for MODUS, be prepared to fight off some more Protectrons and other hostile robots on your way out, then head back to the bunker in Whitespring.

Speak to MODUS once again when you return, and you will receive an Uplink Module that must be deployed at the National Radio Astronomy Research Center nearby. Fight off the scorched enemies and make your way to the roof to deploy the module into the connection platform.

Once the module has been connected, wait a few moments and look to the sky. A flaming reward will come crashing down. Return to the Whitespring Bunker and you will be awarded with an Enclave membership. Don’t forget to loot the crate that dropped from the sky for some special goodies as well.

Feel free to walk around and get properly acclimated. Familiarize yourself with the different resources in the bunker. Join the military if you want. If you do so, you will gain access to those oh-so-desirable nuclear silos.

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