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Is Fall Guys Available on Mobile?

by Lucas White

As we find ourselves a few weeks into Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout’s video game dominance, we also find bad actors trying to take advantage of that status. All of us in the know are keenly aware of Fall Guys’ platform situation, currently settled only on the PS4 and the PC. But time and time again, we see curiosity or even confusion over Fall Guys potentially expanding to other spaces. And those bad apples have been preying on folks looking for a mobile version in particular.

Fall Guys on Mobile Scam – Is Fall Guys Coming to Mobile?

There are two relevant facts here. One is that Fall Guys is only on PS4 and PC right now. That’s it. No Switch version, no Xbox version, and no mobile version on either iOS or Android. The second fact is that some dataminers did find mentions of mobile platforms within Fall Guys, but only the tiniest mentions that don’t confirm anything of substance. For now, while the developers have expressed interest in eventually spreading Fall Guys cheer, it’s just PS4 and PC.

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Now, there’s a more specific reason we’re writing up this matter, beyond just looking at search results and other metrics. We mentioned “bad actors” earlier, and that’s no hyperbole. Multiple videos have been going around on YouTube and other platforms like Twitter and Facebook, claiming that Fall Guys is in fact on mobile. Those videos typically have footage of the PC version running on a phone, probably just through captured video.

The problem there is that not only is the footage fake, but these videos are being paired with nefarious attempts to prey on people. Often the videos come with mysterious links, which when clicked subject your computer to viruses or other forms of online infestation. These attempts to fool people into thinking Fall Guys is on mobile are actually dangerous, so hopefully if you’re looking for this information you land on this or another guide before you click around dubious videos.

Ultimately, nobody knows if Fall Guys is coming to other platforms anytime soon, save for the folks who made the game and are publishing it. And they aren’t going to spill those… beans… until they deem it an appropriate time. For now, especially while Fall Guys is a PlayStation Plus offering, I doubt we’ll be seeing that news quickly. Anything else is speculation!

Are you jonesing for Fall Guys on mobile? Or perhaps another platform like Switch, Xbox, or something else? Have you encountered people who feel for the fake videos, or are you just enjoying the game on PC or PS4 for now? Let us know over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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