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All Exotic & Mythic Weapon Locations in Fortnite Chapter 4

Exotics remain on the island.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Ex-Caliber Rifle

Now that we have a brand new map in Fortnite Chapter 4, it’s time for a fresh set of Exotic and Mythic weapon locations across the island. Exotic weapons are some of the most powerful options in the game and they typically offer up a unique perk to help you get a leg up on the competition.

What makes these weapons more “fair” is that they can usually be acquired in one location and they will require keys or gold. Once all the locations are revealed every season, it makes obtaining powerful weapons more accessible, but you’ll likely have to fight. Our guide will outline all of the Exotic weapon locations and how to pick them up in Fortnite Chapter 4.

Fortnite Chapter 4 – All Exotic & Mythic Weapon Locations

There are two different ways to find exotics around the map. Either you pick one up from a designated NPC, or you can hope to find one at a holo-chest. Only one Mythic exists on the map and you’ll have to defeat a boss to earn that. Below, you can find all of the designated locations and how much they cost in Gold Bars.

Exotic & Mythic Weapon Locations

  • Shadow Tracker Pistol: Evie – Found southwest of Shattered Slabs (400 Gold Bars)
  • The Dub: Surr Burger – Found at Anvil Square (600 Gold Bars)
  • Grappler Bow: Princess Felicity Fish – Found southwest of The Citadel (500 Gold Bars)
  • Unstable Bow: Wild Card – Found at Shattered Slabs (500 Gold Bars)
  • Chug Cannon: Sunflower – Found at Frenzy Fields (600 Bars)
  • Mythic Ex-Caliber Rifle: Defeat the Ageless Champion – Found at The Citadel

All of the exotic weapons listed here can be found with some luck at the holo-chests scattered around the island in Fortnite Chapter 4. However, we can’t give a static location for you to drop at in order to use this method. You’ll also need some keys, so it’s not something you can attempt at the beginning of the match.

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Also, keep in mind that there is only one version of these weapons sold by the NPCs listed above. You’ll need to be quick in order to claim your favorite weapons, and of course, some spare gold.

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