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Evolve Tips for Playing as the Hunters – Class Breakdowns

by Prima Games Staff

Unless players are taking on the role of the Monster, Evolve is a game all about teamwork. Choose the right characters and play the right cards and there’s a good chance the beast will fall. Make the wrong choices, however, and it won’t be long before the Monster evolves to Stage 3, and the Hunters become the hunted.

We’ve already taken the time to drop some tips about how to play as the Monster in Evolve, as well as some basic beginner’s tips that any player would benefit from, but today we’re going to turn our focus to the Hunters. We’ll work our way through each of the four classes, helping players understand what each character brings to the table, as well as well as the details of the personal loadouts, including unique weapons and abilities.

The Assault Class

The primary goal of the Assault class is to deal out as much damage to the Monster as possible. This person will be the primary offensive weapon on the team, leading the charge to bring the beast down before it evolves beyond Stage 2.

Class Ability: Personal Shield

There are currently three available Hunters to play as in the game, and all three of them are given a Class Ability called Personal Shield. As the name suggests, this gives the Assault player a shield that will temporarily block incoming attacks from the Monster. It doesn’t last long, and will need to cool down before it can be used again, but it’s essential for players that will be up close and personal with the enemy.

Assault Class Characters

Markov – This guy loves to go toe-to-toe with giant Monsters, which is pretty handy given the situation he commonly finds himself in. Part of his loadout is the Arc Mine, something that can be placed around the battlefield as traps, or even as an explosive line of defense.

  • Lightning Gun
  • Assault Rifle
  • Arc Mines
  • Personal Shield

Hyde – Sadistic, sociopathic and deeply disturbed are some of the ways Turtle Rock Studios describes this member of the Assault team, which is right up our alley. The unique part of his loadout is the Toxic Grenade, something that deals damage long after it explodes.

  • Flamethrower
  • Minigun
  • Toxic Grenade
  • Personal Shield

Parnell – One look at this dude and players will be pretty sure he’s one of the Titans from Titanfall. It makes sense though, he specializes in pure destruction, something that Titans can relate to. He also carries the Super Soldier ability, something that allows him to move faster and deal more damage.

  • Combat Shotgun
  • Multifire Rocket Launcher
  • Super Soldier
  • Personal Shield

The Trapper Class

The point of the Trapper class is to first of all track the Monster down, and secondly to trap it so that the rest of the Hunters and bring the pain. Ideally this would happen before the beast reaches Stage 2, but the job has to get done regardless of the circumstances.

Class Ability: Mobile Arena

We’ve yet to decide if the Mobile Arena is a good thing or bad thing. Trapping one’s prey in a dome seems like a good idea, but what if they prey doesn’t exactly know that it’s prey? Either way, that’s the hand that the Trapper class was dealt, so boxing the Monster in is what players will have to do. This ability lasts for 60 seconds, but requires another 60 seconds of cool down time before it can be used again.

Trapper Class Characters

Abe – Hey look, it’s John Marston. Actually, Abe is essentially a hired gun who goes where the money goes, which means there must be cash in tracking and trapping Monsters. His unique loadout weapon is the Tracking Dart Pistol, which is exactly as it sounds and is pretty good in combination with the Mobile Arena.

  • Custom Shotgun
  • Stasis Grenades
  • Tracking Dart Pistol
  • Mobile Arena

Maggie – This class is all about characters that look like others, and Maggie kind of reminds us of Eris Morn from Destiny. The difference? Eris doesn’t have a 400 pound alien beast named Daisy at her side. Daisy is Maggie’s unique loadout option, capable of tracking the Monster and reviving downed Hunters.

  • Machine Pistol
  • Harpoon Traps
  • Pet Trapjaw (Daisy)
  • Mobile Arena

GriffinHow cool does this guy look? Seriously, Turtle Rock Studios, well done on the characters. Anyway, Griffin is a veteran trapper who relies on Sound Spikes to track the movement of the Monster. It doesn’t sound as good as Daisy, but he gets points just for his intimidating appearance.

  • Gauss SMG
  • Harpoon Gun
  • Sound Spikes
  • Mobile Arena

The Medic Class

Just like it sounds, the Medic class is responsible for healing and generally taking care of the other Hunters. Since they’re so good at getting their teammates back in the fight, the Medic is often the first person the Monster goes for.

Class Ability: Healing Burst

The Healing Burst allows the Medic to heal every Hunter who is in a 15 meter radius, but there is a decent cool down time that prevents this ability from being spammed. Try to keep other players informed about when this will be used so everyone can huddle up and get some medical TLC.

Medic Class Characters

Caira – This Medic seems a little too violent for us to have full confidence in her desire to heal people, but what other choice is there? Her unique loadout option is an ability called the Acceleration Field, giving nearby players a speed boost to catch up with (or run away from) their prey.

  • Napalm Grenade Launcher
  • Healing Grenade Launcher
  • Acceleration Field
  • Healing Burst

Lazarus – This guy seems like our kind of dude given that he has things like the ability to cloak, a silenced sniper rifle and even the ability to bring Hunters back from the dead with the Lazarus Device. Sounds like the kind of Medic that you can be careless around.

  • Silenced Sniper Rifle
  • Lazarus Device
  • Personal Cloak
  • Healing Burst

Val – The final option in the Medic class also wields a sniper rifle, but this one comes fully loaded with armor piercing rounds. She also rolls with the Tranquilizer Gun, a device that can slow the Monster down and tag it for easier kills.

  • Armor-Piercing Sniper Rifle
  • Medgun
  • Tranquilizer Gun
  • Healing Burst

The Support Class

Members of the Support class serve two purposes, to assist their teammates and to deal out some big damage against the Monster. Assisting the team should be the primary goal, but backing up the Assault class with some heavy fire is a close second.

Class Ability: Cloaking Field

The Cloaking Field will allow the Support person to turn all nearby teammates temporarily invisible. This can be useful in many situations both before and during the fight against the Monster. Try it out to sneak past some particularly troubling wildlife, or to stealth by the beast and help revive a downed Hunter.

Support Class Characters

Calbot – This guy carries a mighty big gun, but perhaps more impressive is the Damage Amplifier. This unique toy can be aimed at the Monster, boosting his teammates’ damage output. He also packs the Dust Tagging gun, something that is capable of revealing all life forms in an area.

  • Rail Cannon
  • Damage Amplifier
  • Dust Tagging
  • Cloaking Field

Bucket – What a great name for a robot-like thing. It’s also nice to have something made of durable materials along for the fight, and Bucket brings plenty of fight. Armed with a Guided Missile Launcher and Sentry Guns, this robotic life form is all about helping its teammates.

  • Guided Missile Launcher
  • Sentry Guns
  • UAV
  • Cloaking Shield

Hank – We’re thinking pretty seriously about making Hank our favorite Hunter, based entirely on his massive beard and love for cigar smoking during combat. It also doesn’t hurt that he carries a Shield Projector to block incoming attacks toward other Hunters, or the Orbital Barrage that is basically like calling an airstrike.

  • Laser Cutter
  • Shield Projector
  • Orbital Barrage

Cloaking Field

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