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The Evil Within 2 – How to Find the Revolver

by Josh Hawkins

There are a ton of different handguns available in The Evil Within 2, and the Revolver is one of the best you can get, despite its limited ammo count. You won’t be able to get this high-powered weapon until much later in the game, and in this article we’ll outline how to get Sebastian’s trusty Revolver in Evil Within 2, as well as how to get the Magnum, which is a much more powerful Revolver.

How to Get the Revolver

Getting the Revolver in The Evil Within 2 is actually very easy to do, and all you will need to do is play the game. Continue through The Evil Within 2’s storyline until you reach Chapter 11. At this point you’ll run into the third Anima event that you’ve faced in the game. Once you’ve finished up the third event in The Marrow, you’ll find yourself in the Restricted Labs. At this point you will receive the Revolver, which is one of the best weapons you can get in the game.

The only difference between the regular handgun and the revolver is that the revolver is much more powerful. It still holds a good number of rounds, and it is still relatively easy to use and kill enemies with. The Revolver will still use normal Handgun Bullets, so make sure you’re holding onto pistol bullets—or making new ones—to ensure you have plenty.

How to Get the Magnum

Now that you know how to get the Revolver, let’s talk about how to get the Magnum. The Magnum is a more powerful version of the Revolver, and it does the most damage per shot of any weapon in the game. However, you won’t get your hands on it during your first playthrough. In order to acquire the Magnum, you’re going to have to beat the game completely. Then, once you start the New Game Plus mode, you’ll already have access to the weapon.

Getting the Revolver in The Evil Within is important, especially if you like the feel of an old-school weapon over the semi-automatics that have become so popular in this day and age. Of course, it’s also Sebastian’s personal gun, so it adds a little flair to your character, and allows you to dive a bit more in-depth into the character itself.

Now that you know how to get the Revolver and the Magnum, be sure to head back over to our The Evil Within 2 guide where you’ll find more guides like how to get the shotgun, and how to get the sniper rifle.

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