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Everything You Need to Know About Destiny’s Iron Banner Event

by Prima Games Staff

Hot on the heels of The Dark Below DLC, Destiny has gone live with its second Iron Banner event, challenging Guardians across the universe to show their skills in the Crucible. Unlike regular Crucible matches, those which fall under the Iron Banner flag allow players to keep the advantages gained by leveling up their characters.

There’s a lot more to learn, however, so to help you wrap your head around everything Iron Banner related, here are a few questions and concepts that we thought could use some explaining.

How long does the Iron Banner event run?

The event is live on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One right now, and will run until December 22nd. Any plans you have to purchase some sweet gear need to be carried out by that date, otherwise that section of the Tower will once again be blocked off and inaccessible.

How do I participate in Iron Banner events?

When you load up the game you’ll find yourself in orbit, and you can access the Iron Banner festivities by looking on the left side of your destination map, or by opening the Crucible itself. While you can jump straight into the action, a trip to the Tower to load up on bounties is highly advised.

Why do I need bounties for the Iron Banner?

Good question, Guardian. Bounties purchased from Lord Saladin will give you challenges that need to be completed while participating in Iron Banner activities. Every time you finish a bounty, you can turn it in to earn experience, as well as something called Iron Banner Standing.

What exactly is Iron Banner Standing?

Iron Banner Standing is very similar to reputation that you can earn from the Vanguard faction, as well as others found around the Tower. As you increase your standing by completing Iron Banner bounties, you’ll unlock the ability to purchase exclusive and legendary gear.

What type of gear can I buy the Iron Banner guy, Lord Saladin?

It might be confusing to try and explain this in paragraph form, so since we’re all about fancy tables, have a peek at the one we’ve provided down below. It will tell you what the item is, it’s minimum and maximum light, the Iron Banner rank required to buy it, and how much Glimmer it will set you back. It may look as though some listings are duplicates, but they differ in the training they offer.

Gear Light Rank Glimmer
Iron Regalia Boots 24/33 3 9950
Iron Regalia Boots 24/33 3 9950
Iron Regalia Sleeves 24/33 4 9950
Iron Regalia Sleeves 24/33 4 9950
Efrideet’s Spear N/A 4 11,500
Silimar’s Wrath N/A 5 11,500

I’ve been living under a Destiny rock, where is Lord Saladin located?

Just above and beyond the tunnel that leads to the Hall of Guardians you’ll find two sets of stairs that converge at a rarely open section of the Tower. If that isn’t enough to help you find it, follow almost every other player in your server, or just look at the picture above – we’re staring at it.

Anything else that I might need to know?

No, that just about sums up everything you need to jump into the Iron Banner fun for the next few days. Just make sure to check for new bounties, as well as turn in your old ones. We wouldn’t want you getting smashed by try-hard Warlocks for nothing.

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