Everything We Know About Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Bungie's most anticipated expansion yet...here's everything we know.

As we approach the launch of The Final Shape, Destiny 2 fans have been anxiously awaiting new information on what we can expect in this expansion.

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With recent revelations in Bungie’s “The Final Shape preview” livestream, we’ve never had this much insight into what The Final Shape will bring. So, for fans who have been wondering, here is everything we know about Destiny 2: The Final Shape.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Release Date

Bungie has confirmed that players expect to get their hands on The Final Shape on June 4, 2024.

Due to issues with development, the initial release date of February 27 had to be pushed back, with Bungie stating that it needs “more time to become exactly what they want it to be”.

Can You Pre-Order Destiny 2 The Final Shape?

As with every Destiny 2 expansion in the past, The Final Shape is indeed currently available to pre-order for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Several versions are available for pre-order:

Standard Edition

  • Will be priced at $49.99
  • Destination: The Pale Heart
  • New Exotic Gear
  • New Raid
  • 3 New Supers
  • One Episode in the Year of the Final Shape

Annual Pass Edition

  • Will be priced at $99.99
  • All Standard Edition Content
  • All three Year 7 Episodes
  • The Final Shape Dungeon Key

Collector’s Edition

  • Will be priced at $275.00
  • All The Final Shape Standard & Annual Pass Edition Content
  • Destiny 1 Tower Replica
  • Miniature Zavala, Ikora and Cayde Figures
  • Introduction Letter
  • Autograph Book
  • Character Photographs
  • Ramen Shop Tickets
  • Mission Patch
  • Lore Book
  • The Final Shape Collector’s Edition Unique Emblem Code

The Final Shape Story

Destiny 2 The Witness
via Bungie

Following the end of “Lightfall”, The Final Shape narrative focuses on the 10-year-long battle between the Darkness and the Light. The Witness, the embodiment of The Darkness and The Final Shape’s main antagonist, seeks to end the universe, viewing its destruction as the key to true evolution.

Guardians, the light-wielders, aim to protect the universe and safeguard humanity from The Darkness, and thwart any plans of The Witness.

New Supers in The Final Shape

New Warlock super Destiny 2
via Bungie

Along with three new Supers that were revealed months back, Bungie also teased a brand new subclass that will be arriving in The Final Shape…Prismatic.

But first, let’s take a look at these new Supers:

Titan (Void) – Twilight Arsenal

This super allows Titans to hurl three Void axes that draw in enemies before detonating, dealing heavy damage, and placing de-buffs on any surviving enemies. These axes are retrievable and can be picked up and wielded by the Titan, and their fireteam.

Hunter (Arc) – Storm’s Edge

Hunters will be able to throw an Arc dagger, teleporting them forward, where they can unleash a lethal whirlwind strike upon arrival, inflicting significant damage on enemies. This can be formed three times per Super charge, allowing Hunters to cover great distances and wreak havoc on the forces of the Darkness.

Warlock (Solar) – Song of Flame

This Super allows Warlocks to become radiant, overcharging their melee ability and allowing their grenade to be a sentient Spirit of Flame that autonomously seeks out enemies and detonates upon impact. Fireteam members benefit from increased ability regeneration and heightened damage resistance, while their Solar and Kinetic weapons gain Scorch.

There will also be new Aspects accompanying these Supers:

Titan (Void) – Unbreakable

This aspect allows Titans to consume their grenade which creates a shield that absorbs then deflects incoming damage. This shield can then be released to inflict massive damage.

Hunter (Arc) – Ascension

While airborne, Hunters will be able to consume their class ability energy to launch themselves upwards, damaging and jolting nearby enemies, while also amplifying their fireteam.

Warlock (Solar) – Hellion

This aspect allows Warlocks to activate their class ability and summon a Solar Soul, which fires flaming mortars at distant enemies, setting them on fire.

New “Prismatic” Subclass in The Final Shape

Prismatic Destiny 2
via Bungie

According to Bungie, Prismatic is a subclass that will allow Guardians to wield the powers of Light and Darkness at the same time. This opens up endless possibilities, unlocking a plethora of build-crafting opportunities and ability combinations.

Your super, melee, grenade, and Aspect slots will offer a range of abilities across all damage elements (Solar, Arc, Void, Strand, Stasis). In addition, you will also be able to choose from various movement modes and class abilities, including subclass-specific abilities like Phoenix Dive, Acrobat’s Dodge, and Thruster.


Transcendence, a new feature being introduced in The Final Shape, enables you to accumulate Light and Dark energy, allowing for the manipulation of elemental combinations tailored to your class, be it Hunter, Warlock, or Titan.

Essentially, Transcendence will function like a secondary Super, enabling you to recharge your ability energy and unlock access to enhanced abilities. There will also be a Transcendence Meter that consists of two bars: one for Light and the other for Darkness.

As each bar fills, reaching maximum capacity on both sides triggers a heightened state of power…Transcendence.

Exotic Class Items Return in The Final Shape

Titan Exotic Class Item
via Bungie

Surprisingly, Bungie also revealed that Exotic class items would be returning to Destiny 2 when The Final Shape arrives. However, this time they’ll be much more useful.

Exotic class items will drop with a random roll of existing Exotic armor abilities. Keeping in theme with combining abilities from different elements using the Prismatic subclass, the Exotic class items will be able to pull abilities from different classes entirely.

According to Bungie, “[they] wanted it to feel a bit broken…”.

New Destination in The Final Shape

The Pale Heart Destiny 2
via Bungie

One of the biggest focuses of The Final Shape is the new “linear” destination called The Pale Heart. Located inside the Traveler, The Pale Heart differs from already existing destinations in Destiny 2 as it’s a constantly evolving destination. While you will be seeing new locations in The Pale Heart, Bungie revealed to fans that old locations would be returning as well, but with a twist.

New Enemy Faction in The Final Shape

The Dread Destiny 2
via Bungie

As Guardians prepare to face the Witness, they also have to prepare for battle with The Witness’s forces. This new enemy faction will be called The Dread. The Dread has already made an appearance in Destiny 2 with the arrival of Tormentors and Subjugators. However, The Final Shape promises to add even more enemies to the fray.

These enemies include Grims, Husks, Weavers, and Attendants. For a full comprehensive guide on each of these enemies, as well as their abilities, check out our guide on The Dread.

What Is The New Raid in The Final Shape?

Bungie usually likes to keep their unreleased Raids very secret, which isn’t surprising considering it’s the activity players most anticipate.

However, there has been speculation that players will face off with The Witness, for a final battle in the upcoming raid. This hasn’t been confirmed by Bungie as yet, but stay tuned as we will update this guide as soon as more information is available.

So there you have it, everything we know about The Final Shape in Destiny 2.

As we approach the launch date of June 4, Bungie will likely continue to give us details and insight into what awaits us. Until then, sit tight, and enjoy the ride, Guardians.

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