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Everything to Know About Valorant’s Ignite Knife Capsule

Ignite your love for these new Knives!

Besides various patches, Act releases, and Episode releases, the biggest thing Valorant players have to look forward to are new skin releases. Sure, it means their wallets will soon be screaming at them, but sometimes the digital JPGs and GIFs can look or sound nice. Can’t judge them too much for dumping that much money on them. With that in mind, a new skin line looks to be on the horizon, though, has some caveats to keep in mind. Here’s everything you need to know about Valorant’s (possibly) upcoming Ignite Knife Capsule.

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What is the Valorant Ignite Knife Capsule?

If you weren’t already aware, Valorant released in China not too long ago. This is the country’s own version of the game which comes with a handful of differences, but should bring the game to a fresh group of players. To commemorate the occasion, the team is releasing some new Knife skins in a new bundle known as the Ignite Capsule. This Capsule includes two Knives, two titles, two sprays, and two playercards, and none of these items can be purchased separately. They must be purchased as part of the bundle.

What Do the Ignite Capsule’s Knives Look Like?

While we normally wouldn’t have much info besides a screenshot (which we do have), thanks to ValorLeaks on Twitter, we have a video of the Knives in action. They’re Fan knife types, meaning they have the Fan animations though with some beautiful purple or red flames based on which of the two Fans you choose. I’m personally a fan (pun absolutely intended) of the light purple but both are great.

How Much Will the Ignite Capsule Cost?

Despite how expensive Knives normally are, the Knives in the Ignite Capsule, when combined with everything else included, are 4710 VP. Again, none of the items can be purchased separately for a cheaper price. They must be purchased at once or not at all

When Will the Ignite Capsule Release in Valorant?

Update: The Ignite Capsule is available now in both the Global and China versions of Valorant! They will be available for two weeks before leaving the shop.

Original Section: Up to now, you may have been wondering what we meant by “possibly” earlier, and now comes the major caveat. As it stands, it’s possible the Knives may only be released for the China version of Valorant. They are to celebrate the release there after all, with the Knives taking on some Chinese mythological imprints. With that being said, the files are in the Global version of Valorant, so it’s highly possible it will. It’s just worth keeping in mind. We’ll update this section once confirmation comes.

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As for when it will release regardless of which version it releases on, we can speculate a little more easily. We know for certain that the upcoming bundle Give Back // 2023 is set to release on July 19, 2023, and with two weeks usually per skin line, it’s likely we’ll see the Ignite Capsule release on August 2, 2023. Again, we’ll update the article if this changes.

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