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Everything to Know About Armageddon Mode in Atomic Heart

Do you enjoy suffering? Then do I have a mode for you

by Daphne Fama

Atomic Heart is a game that is absolutely flush with things that want to kill you. Robots, Brussels sprouts, you name it. If it sees you, it probably wants you dead. But how difficult is Atomic Heart’s hardest difficulty, really? Here’s everything you need to know about Armageddon Mode in Atomic Heart.

Everything to Know About Armageddon Mode in Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart has three difficulties: Peaceful Atom (easy), Local Failure (medium), and Armageddon (hard). But Armageddon really promises a challenge. Its description states:

“Do you have a wild imagination and dark thoughts? What can you do? That’s just how it is. Buckle up: a real nightmare is in store, where you’ll need experience, reaction speed, and the skills to properly manage your resources to survive. Save your bullets and always keep one in reserve… for yourself.”

On both Peaceful and Armageddon, you’ll encounter the same amount of enemies and the same amount of Daffodil Security Systems. The objectives set before you on both modes are also the exact same.

But where Armageddon sets itself apart from its mild and medium counterparts is the damage enemies can take and the resources you can find.

In Peaceful Atom, the Lab Techs (or VOV-A6) you encounter will go down with two gentle bats of your axe, as if you were swatting a fly. But on Armageddon? Every encounter is like a mini-boss fight. VOV-A6 can tank around a dozen hits before they finally succumb to the Swede, the first proper weapon you get in the game.

But not only do enemies take way more damage, they’ll also move faster and user powerful attacks more frequently, too. Getting swarmed by multiple enemies can be a death sentence, especially early on when you’re still learning the controls and haven’t had the chance to upgrade your weapons or Charles.

Because enemies are so strong, stealth becomes a necessary skill in Atomic Heart’s hardest difficulty. Not only because it will let you avoid fights, but because it will allow you to take down enemies and harvest their parts.

Resources are far scarcer in Armageddon mode, meaning you’ll have to meticulously pick your battles. Not only to save your neruomed capsules, which you’ll pop a lot of, but because you’ll need as many robotic resources as possible in order to craft bullets and upgrade your weapons.

Boss battles are almost extremely challenging, so expect to see that game over screen at least a few times.

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But what makes Armageddon Mode even harder is the save points. Atomic Heart can feel almost cruel sometimes with how far these save points are scattered during certain missions, so you’ll need to backtrack often in order to save your progress.  

It’s certainly not a mode to try if this is your first action roleplay game, but if you’re a seasoned veteran, Armageddon promises to keep you on your toes.

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