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Everything Included in the February 2023 Fortnite Crew

Set out with Sylvie!

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Fortnite Crew

It’s almost the end of January and that means Epic Games has to announce the next Fortnite Crew Pack rewards like clockwork. In February 2023, the pack appears to have some of the most interesting rewards yet and the main star is named Sylvie.

We know each month that the Fortnite Crew subscription will provide players with 1,000 V-Bucks and access to the Battle Pass if they don’t already have it. But it’s the cosmetics that keep everyone interested each month, and we’re going to go through them all here so you can decide if you want the membership or not.

February 2023 Fortnite Crew – Everything Included in the Pack

This month’s subscription orbits around an Ageless Champion named Sylvie who looks like a character out of How to Train Your Dragon. Sylvie is described as a master smith from an ageless kingdom, so it’s only fitting that the pickaxe is also dual wield set of hammers. The pack will go live on January 31 at 7 pm ET. You can find the full list of rewards below.

  • Sylvie Skin
  • Groaker Back Bling
  • Groak’d Weapon Wrap
  • Smith’s Slammers Pickaxe
  • Forging the Future Loading Screen – Later Date
  • The Masterwork Pickaxe Part 1
  • New Photonic Legacy Set Stage

Two important details in the list of items are tied to the last two. Players who are subscribed to the Fortnite Crew in February and March will get The Masterwork Pickaxe, but both months are a requirement. The Photonic Legacy Set Pickaxe is similar and requires players to subscribe continuously. Each month unlocks a new stage with up to five or six different stages.

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Everything else on the list is a guarantee for the Fortnite Crew Pack in February 2023. The Forging the Future Loading Screen won’t appear until later in the month, but it’s still a guarantee for those who are subscribed. Otherwise, the other items will appear in your inventory as soon as your billing month begins.

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