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What is Fortnite Project Nova? – Answered

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Project Nova

Fans of Fortnite have been talking about the glory days since Chapter 2 ushered in a new era for the Battle Royale and that has led to Project Nova in one way or another. Now the project is starting to gain some traction and the word is spreading about a way to visit the past.

Before we jump into what the new project is, keep in mind that it’s all third-party and isn’t an official part of Epic Games. If players can get past that aspect of Project Nova, then this may be an interesting way to jump into Fortnite. In this guide, we’ll go over what the project really is and how it can be played.

Fortnite – What is Project Nova?

Project Nova is a third-party mod that allows players to play Fortnite as it was in Chapter 1. Based on the footage, the default settings seem to be set around Season X of Chapter 1, but there are plenty of options that are available from Chapter 1. Because the project is a private multiplayer server with old assets, there is a ton of content to utilize.

Tons of weapons and skins from multiple seasons are available in the game, and as support continues, there will likely be more options. There is really no easy way to play the private server though. Players who are interested will need to go through some additional steps with an account, a launcher download, and an installation process that requires a couple of folders.

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There is a video available that explains the whole process and a Discord server as well that can be found with the video link. Within no time, you’ll be able to launch the original chapter of Fortnite that had so many players fall in love with the Battle Royale genre.

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