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Every Single Fortnite Season X (10) Teaser Image

by Nicholas Barth

The beginning of a new period of content in the world of Fortnite Battle Royale is always an exciting time for the community, as players anxiously await to see what new changes Epic Games will make to the high-profile game. This strategy will be no different this week when Season 10 or X of Fortnite officially kicks off. As with the build-up to previous new seasons of the title, Epic Games has begun to reveal teaser images showing off hints for the theme of Season X. If you have missed any of the teaser images for content period 10 of Fortnite, do not worry, as we have them all covered for you below. 

Fortnite Season X (10) Teaser

Fortnite Season X (10) Teaser 1

Fortnite Season X 10 Teaser

The first image was revealed during the World Cup Finals this past weekend, and it got fans excited. The reason for this excitement is because of the first image showing off the fan-favorite location of Dusty Depot with the phrase and look backward. This image has begun speculation in the community that Epic Games will be sending the map of the battle royale title back in time by bringing back some older locations. Players will remember Dusty Depot was destroyed at the start of content period 4 when a meteor landed and turned the area into Dusty Divot. 

Fortnite Season X (10) Teaser 2

Fortnite Season X 10 Teaser

Fortnite Season X (10) Teaser 3

Fortnite Season X 10 Teaser

With the first image strongly suggesting a jump to the past theme for the next period of content for the battle royale game, many players were surprised to see the second image revealed on Monday, July 29th suggested a future element will also be at play in stage 10 of Fortnite’s life. This second image showed off a robot-like character cloaked in a shadow with the infamous Visitor character’s symbol also appearing in the picture. This new teaser has led to speculation suggesting Season X will also have a future element at play when it officially arrives. 

We will continue to update this article with each new Fortnite Season X (10) teaser image when they are officially revealed by Epic Games. 

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