Every Crime You Can Commit in Starfield

Learn the ins and outs of crime in Starfield to avoid a cell.

Starfield Jail Cell in New Atlantis
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It’s always fun to live a life of crime in a video game (not the real world!), as it’s a totally different playstyle than what most wind up with. It’s a chance to let loose. In Starfield, you can smuggle, manufacture, and sell Aurora, commit piracy, and outright murder NPCs. Of course, for each of these crimes, there are consequences. Here is every crime in Starfield, along with the payout and consequence for each.

All Crimes in Starfield

Starfield features a rather rudimentary crime system, with only a handful of actions counting toward a bounty or prison sentence. These include:

PiracyCredits, items, and gearCombat and bounty
SmugglingCreditsBounty and arrest
StealingCredits, items, and gearCombat, bounty, and arrest
Taking/Selling ChemsTemporary buffAddiction and arrest
MurderCredits, items, and gearBounty, combat, and arrest

Of course, some of these crimes are a tad more serious than others. Sure, you’ll wind up with a bounty if you smuggle illicit goods into New Atlantis. But if you pull a weapon and start shooting up The Well, you can expect the full force of UC Security to crash upon your head!

How to Pay Off Your Bounty

If you do wind up committing a crime in Starfield, and let’s face it, you likely will, then there’s typically a Trackers Alliance Self-Service Bounty Clearance Kiosk beside the Mission Board in each major city. These boards will typically be just inside the local lounge or bar. You can find them at:

  • New Atlantis
  • Cydonia
  • Akila City
  • Hopetown
  • Neon
  • Trident Luxury Lines Space Station
  • Deimos Staryard

Alternatively, you can craft one when you build an outpost.

If you want to avoid a life of crime, enlist with one of the many factions in Starfield. Here is every faction quest in the game.

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