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Every Attache Case Charm in Resident Evil 4 Remake Listed

Spend those tokens wisely.

by Daniel Wenerowicz

The Resident Evil 4 Remake is full of new features that are small but can impact the game in a significant way. One of the new features that encapsulate the idea of impact in the best way is the addition of Attache Case Charms that can give Leon some helpful boosts in his mission.

You can earn most of the charms in the game by completing the Shooting Range mini-games and earning some tokens for use at the vending machine. There are five vending machines that hold a total of 29 charms, not including the two that come with the Deluxe Edition. We have every charm listed in this guide with the effects that you can expect.

Resident Evil 4 Remake – All Attache Case Charms and Bonuses

Not all of these items are created equal. Although there are a total of 29 charms in the game, they are divided by rarity and the number of tokens needed to unlock them. In the list below, you’ll find all of the charms in order from the rarest to the most common, along with the added stats on each.

Legendary Charms:

  • Cute Bear: -1 Gunpowder used when crafting.
  • Striker: Increase run speed by 8%.

Epic Charms:

  • Merchant: 5% off all weapon upgrades.
  • Rhino Beetle: +100% Health Recovery Item resale value.
  • Illuminados Emblem: +20% melee critical hit rate
  • Ashley Graham: +50 health recovery for Green Herbs.

Rare Charms:

  • Black Bass: +100% health recovery rate for Black Bass.
  • Chicken: +100% health recovery rate for all egg types.
  • Leon with a Handgun: 30% off knife repairs.
  • Leon with a Rocket Launcher: 20% off the Rocket Launcher.
  • Leon with a Shotgun: +40% resale value on ammo.
  • Ada Wong: 30% off Body Armor repairs.
  • Luis Sera: +20% resale value on weapons.

Common Charms in Resident Evil 4 Remake:

  • Isabel: +30% health recovery for vipers.
  • Don Pedro: +40% health recovery for vipers.
  • Maria: +15% Magnum ammo craft bonus.
  • Bella Sisters: +20% Magnum ammo craft bonus.
  • Leader Zealot: +10% health recovery for Green Herbs.
  • Zealot with a Shield: +20% Shotgun shells craft bonus.
  • Zealot with a Bowgun: +20% Bolt craft bonus.
  • Zealot with a Scythe: +20% Submachine Gun ammo craft bonus.
  • Soldier with a Hammer: +20% Handgun ammo craft bonus.
  • Soldier with a Stun Rod: +15% Bolt craft bonus.
  • Soldier with Dynamite: +30% Attachable Mines craft bonus.
  • Don Jose: +15% Handgun ammo craft bonus.
  • Don Esteban: +15% Shotgun shells craft bonus.
  • Don Miguel: +15% Submachine Gun ammo craft bonus.
  • Dr. Salvador: +20% Rifle ammo craft bonus.
  • Don Diego: +15% Rifle ammo craft bonus.

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DLC Charms:

  • Handgun Ammo: +30% Handgun ammo craft bonus.
  • Green Herb: +15% health recovery for Green Herbs.

Remember that you can equip up to three Charms on your Attache Case in Resident Evil 4 Remake, so you have some room and plenty of options to give Leon the optimal bonuses on his mission.

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