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Ever Oasis – How to Craft Your Own Gear

by Josh Hawkins

Ever Oasis is a new game for the Nintendo 3DS that blends the fun of RPG and the thrill of maintaining a village together. In Ever Oasis players take on the role of a special Seedling who must nurture and build up their Oasis to survive the harsh desert and the creatures of Chaos that threaten all peaceful life. One main component to the game is gear crafting, and players will need to learn everything they can about crafting gear if they want to survive and explore the wastes of the desert outside their Oasis. In this article we’ll show you everything you need to know to craft your own gear.

How to Get the Synthesis Tree

The Synthesis Tree is a special item that can be grown inside a small pool of water inside your home. You can obtain this tree simply by playing the game, and completing the first few tasks that you have added to your To-Do list. Once you obtain it, you’ll be tasked with planting it, and then it will grow up and allow you to use it.

How to Use the Synthesis Tree

The Synthesis Tree can be used at any point after you grow up by simply visiting your home. Head up the stairs to the room with the Synthesis Tree, and then step up to it and press the A button. This will open up the menu and show you all of the recipes you have. Any recipes that are greyed out require more ingredients to craft.

You will need plenty of Dewadems to craft items, so make sure you check out our guide on how to get more Dewadems fast to stock up your wallet.

Learning how to use the Synthesis Tree is important because it will allow you to craft new weapons, armor, clothes, and even healing items like the Vulnerary. You should always visit the Synthesis Tree after expeditions into the desert, just to see if any new crafting recipes are available.

To obtain more recipes you’ll need to continue expanding your Oasis and complete new To-Do objectives as they appear on your To-Do list. Exploring the desert can lead to some great new items, and you’ll want to take down enemies, and collect resources whenever you spot them. You can always store items in the chest on the bottom floor of your home in the Oasis, that way you won’t have an inventory that’s overflowing with items you won’t always need.

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