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The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind – Warden Healer Build

by Josh Hawkins

The wonderful thing about the Warden, the newest class to make its way into The Elder Scrolls Online, is the variety of playstyles that it can cater to. But, if you’re looking to run this class as a Healer, you might find yourself struggling to level up and reach ESO’s end game. In this article we’ll show you how to build a strong Healer Warden in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind that still has enough power to comfortably level up and reach end game, while also providing strong healing abilities that will be useful to your party.

As mentioned above, playing a dedicated healer in The Elder Scrolls Online can be tough. Make sure you use the contents of this guide to help you create a strong healer that isn’t underwhelming in the game world.

Priority Skills

Since we’re aiming to make a build that focuses on healing, we’ll be taking several healing-based skills as our priorities. This begins with Restoration Staff, which you should grab as quickly as possible. This will provide the bulk of your healing abilities, while also giving you access to several other healing abilities. Once you hit Level 15, you should also pick up the Destruction Staff, which will help generate the experience that you need to level up consistently.

For Restoration Staff we suggest going with the following skills to increase the amount of healing resources available.

  • Grand Healing (AoE Healing)
  • Regeneration
  • Blessing of Protection (AoE Healing)

While the Destruction Staff isn’t useful for healing, you’ll want to make use of the skills listed below to make the most of this offensive ability. 

  • Wall of Elements (for AoE)
  • Weakness to Elements (Debuff)
  • Force Shock (Direct Damage)

For Animal Companion, we suggest using Betty Netch, which you can then morph to Blue Betty.

For Green Balance make use of the Fungal Growth skill, as it provides AoE Heal, which is really helpful for your team.

With Winter’s Embrace you can run the following skills to make the most of progression with this build.

  •  Frost Cloak (AoE Buff)
  •  Impaling Shards (AoE DoT)

Priority Passive Skills

Use the following skills and skill lines to set your build’s passive skills up for this build.

  • Restoration Staff – Cycle of Life
  • Destruction Staff – Elemental Force, Destruction Expert
  • Animal Companion – Flourish
  • Green Balance – Accelerated Growth, Natures Gift, Maturation
  • Winter’s Embrace – We’d suggest skipping out on any passive skills in this line right now, but when you have more skill points, feel free to start unlocking some of these skills.

If you use these skills and lines, and follow the information that we’ve provided above, you’ll find yourself with a very reliable Healer build that doesn’t suffer from being too weak. You also shouldn’t have too many issues progressing in the game, and eventually reaching your end game levels. You can return to our Elder Scrolls Online guide for more helpful tips and guides to help you as you journey through Morrowind.