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Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr: Skyshard Locations

by John Cooper

Another region, another load of Skyshards to collect. If you’re new to The Elder Scrolls Online, then Skyshards are incredibly useful collectibles that give you a skill point every time you collect three of them. This makes them well worth your time, and you should aim to collect them as soon as you can for that lovely little power boost. In order to help you grab all of them, here is our Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr Skyshards location guide. 

Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr Skyshard Locations

  1. On top of a small rock in a pool of water
  2. Within The Serpent’s Tomb Delve, take every left turn until you reach the fourth room with the minotaur. The Skyshard is next to a pillar. 
  3. Inside a cart in the cane fields near the western entrance of Rimmen. 
  4. During the Ignominy delve, head south to the largest room and the Skyshard will be sitting with some glowing blue mushrooms. 
  5. South of the Star Haven Wayshrine amongst some ruins. 
  6. Follow the path leading up at the crossroads and grab the Skyshard at the top overlooking the Ashen Scar. 
  7. Inside the Rimmen Necropolis Public Dungeon. Head to the northeast of the dungeon and look for two animal statues, the Skyshard is in that room. 
  8. North of the boss battle in the Predator Mesa Delve on a rocky path. 
  9. Head to the Desert Wind Caverns Delve. You can see the Skyshard on a ledge to your right upon entering, head right and go past it and keep going right until your return and can grab it. 
  10. Inside Orcrest head to the sewer entrance. After this, go straight forward and turn right when you can, hug that wall until you find some wooden doors. 
  11. On the east side of the creek. 
  12. In the gorge below the Stitches’ Wayshrine. 
  13. Behind a burned-out building. 
  14. Within the Tangle Delve, head to the southeastern corner with the small oasis. 
  15. Inside the Darkpool Mine Delve, head to the central chamber to find it near a crouching Khajit statue. 
  16. Near a dragon corpse near two large stone pillars. 
  17. Beneath the Moon Gate of Anequina is the locked entrance of the Striking Locale. Turn left from this and hug the wall to find a cave guarded by wolves. 
  18. Head uphill from the Merryvale Farms to find it sitting atop a rock near a roof. 

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