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El Dragon Jr Borderlands 3 Guide: Location and Strategy

by Ginny Woo

If you’re looking at hunting down some enemies this week in Borderlands 3 as part of the Rare Spawn event to celebrate the series’ 10-year anniversary, then you’re probably going to want to know the exact location of some of these pesky foes to make farming them easier. Whether it’s weapons that you’re after or Legendary class mods, there’s a whole ecosystem out there of things to kill that are going to have an increased drop rate for some cool Vault Hunter necessities. Check out our El Dragon Jr Borderlands 3 guide for tips on where to find this enemy and how to take it down for easy re-killing.

El Dragon Jr Borderlands 3 Guide: Location and Strategy

If you want to be looking for the Unleash the Dragon artifact, then getting rid of El Dragon Jr repeatedly is definitely the easiest way to be doing it because of the increased Rare Spawn Week drop rates which are active right now and run from 8 October to 15 October. 

Unleash the Dragon is a Legendary Eridian artifact that has a particularly incendiary flare, especially if you’re someone who likes wreaking havoc up close when it comes to putting enemies down. Its special effect is referred to as “En fuego!” in the game, and it gives you 100% incendiary chance for melee attacks, sliding and ground slams. It also gives you increased incendiary damage and resistance

If you’re looking for this particularly pesky wyvern wannabe, then our tip would be to head to the Jakobs Estate on Eden-6. You unlock this location fairly early on in the Borderlands 3 campaign, but if you’re struggling then we’ve got some more specific tips. Start from the fast-travel point in the Jakobs Estate which you’ll have gained while gunning through the story. 

After you’ve spawned in the Jakobs Estate, we would hang left and gun your way through any enemies that spring forth. You’re looking for a big Eridian Slab, and once you’ve tunneled as far left as you can go, start heading north to find this bad boy. He’s an easy find when you’re in the vicinity – just keep an eye out for the waterfall.

This Goliath-type enemy isn’t going to be a headache to take down by any means, but we would still recommend caution. One thing to watch out for is the attacks that involve bashing you in the face. Keep your distance between yourself and El Dragon Jr, because his penchant for body slamming is definitely going to be a problem if you’re not nimble enough. Just stay out of the way and gun him down to finish him off and hopefully he’ll drop the Unleash the Dragon artifact. 

If our El Dragon Jr Borderlands 3 guide wasn’t quite enough for you, we’ve also got write-ups on where you can find other enemies affected by Rare Spawn Week, like the Rakkman.

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