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Dying Light: The Following – How To Customize The Buggy

by Prima Games Staff

With the release of The Following expansion this week, Techland’s Dying Light has new ground to cover, as you take out zombies and fight to survive in the countryside. Fortunately you won’t need to do it on foot, as you’ll have access to a vehicle this time around, the buggy.

The entertaining buggy gets a fair amount of mileage as you run over the undead on the way to the next objective. You can also equip it with different items, including UV headlights to blind enemies, ramming bars to cause extra damage and even flamethrowers.

That said, you have various options available when it comes to keeping your buggy in good shape. For that matter, you also have fresh customization options, like a new paint job or a Bobblehead to bounce around while you drive.

On that note, keep these tips in mind while pimping your ride.

Keep Your Buggy Running

You’re free to upgrade a number of the buggy’s components at any time. This includes suspension, brake system, turbines, engine and the clutch. Improving these parts will help you maintain solid performance overall, especially with later missions in the game.

These parts will wear down, especially if you make a habit of running over zombies. Visit repair shops and grab some Bolts. You can usually buy these in three-packs, though you may find some while looting.

Before you get upgrades, you’ll need to locate blueprints found in chests scattered throughout the game world. A red card is usually required to open these, so make sure you have a few on hand while scavaging. Once you get enough of these blueprints and have the proper bolts, you can fix your current part or upgrade to a new one.

Remember, you can only repair a part up to three times. After that, you’ll be forced to upgrade. If you can afford it, go ahead and buy the upgrade components anyway.

You’ll see the improvements made to your ride once a new item is equipped, across Grip, Braking, Handling, Acceleration and Top Speed (depending on what you buy). Decide carefully which parts you want to optimize.

Weapons for the Job

When you have enough bolts available, you’ll be able to acquire some sweet weapons for your buggy. The flamethrower is an ideal choice if you prefer to battle enemies from a distance (or if you enjoy watching zombies burn). However, the ramming bar is most effective if you’re in a destructive mood, as you can ram other cars with ease and plow through the horde.

Finally, the Electric Cage is a good option, as you’ll be protected against any undead that try to climb onto the buggy. As for the UV Headlights, save this if you decide to do night driving. Otherwise, stick with the tougher weapons.

Bobbleheads and Charms

Although they serve more of a decorative purpose than improving your ride, these little things can be fun to watch as you tear through the countryside from an inside-the-cockpit view. Search for these while rummaging through boxes.

For instance, with the Bilal Bobblehead, all you have to do is complete a handful of missions until you get to The Mechanic. Once you complete that one and go back to Bilal, you can search the shelves behind him and you’ll find his custom Bobblehead in a box.

Feel free to explore certain areas and you’ll find other Bobbleheads and charms.

The Right Paint for the Job

Similar to Bobbleheads and Charms, you’ll need to find most of the paint by completing missions in The Following. Below are some tips to find the first two.

Black Widow: Make your way to the graveyard on the southeastern part of the Countryside. There you’ll find a giant angel statue with a wall right behind it. Go behind the wall and the paint job is yours.

Cultist: Go to Jasir’s farm and head south. You should eventually find a weird rockpile, with a water stream next to it. Look in the water and collect this paintjob.

There are plenty to be found, and they make your vehicle look great!

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