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Dying Light Co-op Tips – Team Play, Night Hunter

by Prima Games Staff

There are two different ways to experience Techland’s Dying Light. You’re free to explore the plagued city of Harran on your own and horde as much loot as protagonist Kyle Crane’s pockets can carry, or you can invite three other people (similarly, become the invited) and beat the game via co-operative play. While the plot doesn’t change with others involved, the multiplayer experience adds an exciting element to the zombie smashing, with you and your buddies presumably working as a team to slaughter hundreds of undead. 

This isn’t DayZ or H1Z1. You don’t have to worry about bandits per se. That said, these Dying Light co-op tips will help you get the most from the zombie killing experience.

Remember, you need to beat the game’s prologue to unlock co-op mode.

Complete Co-Op Challenges

While playing Dying Light, these co-op challenges will randomly appear, asking you to kill a specific number of zombies or pick up loot in a limited amount of time. The winner will receive valuable experience points. 

Stay clear of explosions 

There is no friendly fire in Dying Light, and by that same token, you won’t accidentally kill someone while swinging a sledgehammer. You and the other players, however, will take damage from explosions, so don’t activate an Exploding Car with someone nearby. On second thought, it’s a video game. Blow that sucker up! 

Hand over weapons and craft stuff 

There’s plenty of loot for everyone in Harran, so don’t hoard every pipe, bottle of alcohol and nails you come across. Hand over some of your weapons to those in need. The same holds true for crafted items. You may have blueprints others do not, and you’ll give the team a potential advantage crafting a bunch of high value stuff for everyone. 

Don’t worry if there’s a loot hoarder on your team. You can search every dead body, even if someone else killed the NPC. 

Follow the leader 

By all means screw around, but if you prefer to beat story missions and side quests, we strongly suggest picking a leader for the group and following this person to the next objective. Doing this lessens the chance of people wandering off. Most importantly, you won’t be able to start a quest until everyone is present. 

Co-op Combos 

Take the concept of working together to the next level with different co-op combos.  It’s possible to launch a zombie into the air with a slide or ground pound, then have someone else on the team hit the creature while in the air. Similarly, you can stun an enemy and have a friend deliver the final blow with a dropkick. Experiment with the different moves to see what cool things you can dream up. 

Go for Achievements and Trophies 

You can only unlock certain Achievements and Trophies in co-op mode. Case in point, Lucky 7, which requires you to win seven co-op competitions. Then there’s Harran Athletics, where you’ll need to take part in 10 co-op competitions. Bottom line, you won’t achieve 100 percent completion in Dying Light without co-op. 

When attempting to unlock one of these rewards, let everyone know so they don’t suddenly drop out of the game.

Beware the Night Hunter 

The Be the Zombie mode allows another player to randomly join your game. This person becomes a super creature of sorts known as the Night Hunter. When this happens your co-op game essentially transforms into a four versus one affair. You and the other players must destroy zombie nests marked on your map while making due with a limited number of respawns. Do this while avoiding the Night Hunter and you’ll win the round. 

On the downside, this sudden invasion suspends whatever quest you were on, though beating the Night Hunter results in a lot of experience. 

If the thought of some outsider jumping into your game sounds awful, don’t worry. You can turn this off in the Options menu. 

Are you the Night Hunter? Congratulations! You have unlimited respawns and super human strength that’ll help you squash those pesky humans. Do your best to isolate and then pick them off one by one. 

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