If you've been enjoying Pokemon Sword and Shield, then you might well want to be upping your Pokedex game. There's only really one way to be the very best if the Pokemon theme song is to be the best, and if you wanna catch them all then you're gonna need the right tools to do it. Here's how to get Dusk Balls in Pokemon Sword and Shield, along with other specialist Pokeballs. 

Dusk Balls in Pokemon Sword and Shield and More - Special Pokeballs

So, you want to get a Dusk Ball. Well, aside from picking them up in the wild while you're kicking about Galar, you can get them from a number of other sources. Primarily, if you're okay with a bit of RNG, then you can go to a Watt Trader to get special Pokeballs. While the roster of what a Watt Trader has for sale changes from time to time and keeps things interesting, this does mean that you're not guaranteed that the one you visit will have a Dusk Ball. You can find Watt Traders squirreled away in the following parts of the Wild Areas: Hammerlocke Hills, in Giant's Cap, in Bridge Field, in East Lake Axewell, Giant's Seat, and the Dappled Grove

However, if you're after certain balls in particular, you can rest assured that certain towns' Poke Centers stock specific variants of Pokeballs. We've listed the towns below and also what special Pokeballs you can pick up from them:

  • Hammerlocke: Dive Ball, Dusk Ball, Timer Ball
  • Motostoke: Heal Ball, Nest Ball, Net Ball
  • Wyndon: Luxury Ball, Quick Ball, Repeat Ball

As you can see, if you're after a Dusk Ball and only a Dusk Ball (if you're skulking around at night or in caves when it comes to catching Pokemon), then you're going to want to hit up Hammerlocke as soon as possible to stock up on those bad boys. Now that you know how to get Dusk Balls in Pokemon Sword and Shield along with other special Pokeballs, no Pokemon should be able to escape you. Need a hand with anything else? Check out the following tips and tricks that we've put together for Galarian explorers: