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Dungeons & Dragons Class Guide: Which One Is For You?

by John Cooper

If you’re not going to be the Dungeon Master in a game of D&D then you’re going to be an adventurer. That means you need to decide what kind of person you want to play as, not only in terms of personality but in terms of profession. There are lots of different ways to build any of these classes based on the abilities you choose as you level up among other things.

You want your personality and class to be consistent throughout the campaign so it is a good idea to do some research first. That being said, you should never feel as though your personality and class should match. D&D is about messing around, so if you want to be a Paladin with a dark past or a nerdy Barbarian then you can be. To help you get a rough idea of what’ what. here is our Dungeons & Dragons class guide.

Dungeons & Dragons Class Guide

Dungeons & Dragons Class Guide

  • Barbarians: For players who favour large weapons and a primal fury. 
  • Bards: A good choice for those who like clever quips and support magic.
  • Clerics: A divine warrior who tends to be ruled by morality. 
  • Druids: A great choice if you’ve ever wanted to turn into an animal and rip a mans head off. 
  • Fighters: A very flexible character that can be equipped with all sorts of different weapons. 
  • Monks: One for the martial artists amongst you.
  • Paladins: If you like the idea of protecting your friends then this is the choice for you. 
  • Rangers: A long-range fighter who can befriend animals. 
  • Rogues: Sneaky back-stabbing characters who prefer to strike from the shadows. 
  • Sorcerers: Sorcerers tend to come from a lineage of magic users and use over-the-top spells. 
  • Warlocks: Another caster type but one who likes to talk to demons. 
  • Wizards: A bookish lot who wield their intelligence in the form of spells. 

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