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Dragon Quest 11 – How to Save

by Bryan Dawson

Dragon Quest 11 is a massive RPG that will take players on a ride that lasts for hours on end. As you might expect, knowing how to save in Dragon Quest 11 is extremely important. Unfortunately, it may not be readily apparent to everyone on how to save in Dragon Quest 11, especially at the very start of the game. Fear not, we’re here to make sure no progress is lost. Read on to find out how to save your progress in Dragon Quest 11.

How to Save

  • Go to a church or Sacred Statue.

There’s an auto-save feature in Dragon Quest 11 that saves the game somewhat frequently, but it’s definitely not often enough for avid RPG players. You can save your game manually, but in order to do so you’ll need to find a church. When you go to a church (or sacred statue) in DQ11, you can speak with a priest or stop at the altar is no one is around. You’ll be given a variety of options, one of which is to partake in a confession. You can find sacred statues at churches or camp sites.

By selecting the Confession option at a church, you’ll be able to manually save your game in one of nine save slots. These are in addition to the auto-save slot. After you save your progress you’ll be able to exit to the main menu or partake in any of the other options available to you at the church. When you load the game back up, you can select the most recent auto-save, or any of your manual saves.

The other options available at the church can also come in handy. You can select Divination to find out how much experience each party member needs to level up. While you can also do this using the normal in-game menu, it’s nice to have a quick reference tool at save points.

The Resurrection option is exactly what it sounds like. Selecting this option will bring back fallen party members. Meanwhile, Purification will cure any party members who are poisoned, and Benediction will remove curses from any party members. Finally, Rectification will allow you to reset your skill points if you want to go down a different path.

Of course, with the exception of saving, you may have to pay money for these services. It’s always best to have items available to handle these situations to avoid the additional cost and so that you can do this without the need for a church.

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