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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Islands List

by Nicholas Barth

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is the second entry in the hybrid franchise that sees the fan-favorite Japanese Role Playing Game franchise be morphed into a title that sees a very strong focus on building gameplay. The world of Dragon Quest Builders 2 consists of various islands where players can travel to and take on some entertaining adventures. If you are unsure of exactly how many islands there are in Dragon Quest Builders 2 and what they are called, be sure to check out the list of Dragon Quest Builders 2 islands below that is sure to answer your curiosity. 

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Islands

There are a total of 10 areas that you can visit throughout your playing of the title. However, only four of these islands will be the same every time you visit them. All of the other six landmasses that are available for players to visit go by the name of Explorer Islands and are different each time Dragon Quest Builders 2 players visit them. This means that you will get some nice variety when it comes to the six Explorer landmasses you can make your way to when playing. You will need to use the hearts that you have earned throughout your playtime in order to unlock these six areas. 

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Islands

You can find the four constant areas found in the game below. 

  • Moonbrooke
  • Furrowfield
  • Isle of Awakening
  • Khrumbul-Dun

You can think of the Isle of Awakening as your home base, as it will be your main location throughout the game and is also where you will be able to use the multiplayer feature of the game

With a vast array of different islands for players to explore, Dragon Quest Builders 2 offers a unique and interesting world for individuals to explore and make some worthwhile memories on. 

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