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Dragon Quest 7 – Advanced Expert Classes Guide

by Bryan Dawson

This guide covers all of the advanced or expert classes in Dragon Quest 7, including Godhand, Hero and Summoner. Once you free the land of Dharma you gain access to the basic classes. By fighting in a multitude of battles you can level up each class through eight ranks. You can then combine two specific basic classes to gain access to the intermediate classes. Combine those classes and you can use the most powerful classes in the game.


Class Requirements:

  • Dragoon
  • Paladin

It takes a considerable amount of time to even unlock the Dragoon and Paladin classes, let alone master both so you can access the Godhand class. If you’ve put in that much time and effort, you should be rewarded. Thankfully, that’s exactly the case when it comes to the Godhand class. In addition to significant jumps in strength, agility, maximum HP and guard, the skills of a Godhand are hard to top.

Godhand can heal all allies, inflict damage to all enemies at once, and can even kill all enemies if he’s willing to sacrifice himself. Of course that also means a Godhand can revive a fallen ally (with full HP) and once you have reached rank eight with Godhand you can inflict significant damage to a single target. It’s hard to top Godhand, but with all the work you put in to get it, you shouldn’t have to.


Class Requirements:

  • Any Three Intermediate Classes
  • Hero Heart

In order to unlock the Hero class you must master any three intermediate classes, or any two intermediate classes and a single advanced class. If that sounds like too much effort, you can instead fight God and defeat him in less than 20 turns to obtain the Hero Heart. You can only find God in a hidden dungeon using the Mysterious Tablet.

The best aspect of the Hero class is the fact that it regains 20 HP every round of battle. While you’ll still need to heal the Hero class, it won’t be quite as necessary compared to every other class. The Hero class also gets an increase to strength, intelligence, appearance, maximum HP and maximum MP. As the Hero you can debuff all enemies, protect you entire party, revive an ally with full HP, and inflict massive damage to enemies.


Class Requirements:

  • Sage
  • Teen Idol

A Summoner is basically the best magic class in the game. Not only do they receive significant increases in maximum MP and intelligence, all spells cost less MP as a Summoner. The cost of spells lowers even more as you level up the Summoner.

As the most powerful mage in all the land, the Summoner can heal himself for 500 HP, has a small chance of killing all enemies with the Defeat Max or Tremor skills (yes, two different skills that can potentially kill all enemies), can inflict significant elemental damage, and the Summoner can even call forth one of the great deities to fight alongside you.

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