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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 – How to Unlock Black Goku

by Bryan Dawson

Dragon Ball fans were excited to hear that Black Goku from Dragon Ball Super would be included in the recently released Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. However, in order to unlock Black Goku in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, you’ll have to either wait awhile or simply input a code. At one point Black Goku was a pre-order exclusive for Xenoverse 2, but that changed shortly before the game released.

While Black Goku is no longer a pre-order bonus, the only way you can currently unlock the character in Xenoverse 2 is by purchasing the day one edition of the title and entering a special code that came with the game. Once the code is entered you can clearly see Black Goku on the character select screen. At the moment you can’t simply unlock Black Goku like you can with the character Hit or the Super Saiyan transformation.

It’s certainly possible that Bandai Namco will release Black Goku as DLC or as a normal unlock in the future, but at the moment the only way to unlock Black Goku is by having the code that comes with the day one edition of the game.

We’ll have more on Dragon Ball Xenoverser 2 in the very near future, so stay tuned to Prima Games!