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Dragon Ball FighterZ: Master Roshi’s Move List

by Lucas White

Starting today, anyone who has purchased the current season pass for Dragon Ball FIghterZ, Bandai Namco and Arc System Works’ straight-up masterpiece of an anime fighting game, gets access to the newest character. Announced as part of the post-COVID and post-controversy EVO scrambling, Master Roshi is now in the game! Folks who want to buy him piecemeal will still have to wait a couple days, but still, he’s officially in the game.

The fun part of new fighters showing up in fighting games is figuring out what they can do, and even before that, what they do at all. It’s still a bit early for everything to get super documented, but before the actual launch date of Master Roshi, one player figured out that by using Captain Ginyu’s infamous copy ability, players could get early access to Master Roshi’s move list.

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So, with a shout out to Lythero on Twitter, we can see Master Roshi’s full move list documented on day one. So even if you’re on the fence about buying the season pass or character you can start thinking about what Master Roshi is capable of. Master Roshi’s inclusion here is obviously based on his Dragon Ball Super iteration, in which he participates in the Tournament of Power. The final arc of the anime version, Master Roshi actually got a serious fight in the middle of the chaos.

The most notable thing about Master Roshi, as he appears in Dragon Ball FighterZ, is that he can’t fly. This is canon of course, as Master Roshi is one of the few Dragon Ball characters who rejected the power to fly. So that means some of the core mechanics in Dragon Ball FighterZ are unavailable to Master Roshi. However, Arc System Works found clever ways to give the old man some parallel tricks, involving Master Roshi finding ways to propel himself across the playing field. 

Master Roshi is also capable of some pretty tricky moves, such as the Afterimage Technique, and a super that can force an opponent to swap characters. If you can land the Evil Containment Wave, which only requires one ki bar to use, you’ll be able to really mess with your opponent’s strategy. And it seems like keeping the opponent honest is a big part of Master Roshi’s overall kit, using his unconventional moves to keep people guessing.

Master Roshi comes as the third new character in the third season pass of roster DLC for Dragon Ball FighterZ. The first was Kefla, and the second was Ultra Instinct Goku, going full ore on the Dragon Ball Super content. And, to boot, there are still two more character slots to fill.

Are you excited to see what Master Roshi can really do in Dragon Ball FighterZ, once the regular players really get time with him? What characters do you think will show up to round out this season of new characters? Let us know over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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