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Dragon Ball FighterZ – How to Punish Super Dash

by Bryan Dawson

Dragon Ball FighterZ is finally here, but a lot of people are falling for the same basic tactics in every match. Players are using the Super Dash to get in on their opponent and start their offense. It’s not uncommon to see two players use multiple Super Dash techniques repeatedly until one finally lands. This article covers how to punish Super Dash in Dragon Ball FighterZ so you can take advantage of people abusing this tactic.

How to Punish Super Dash

The easiest way to punish Super Dash is by using Down + Heavy Attack (Circle on PS4, B on Xbox). This is a universal attack that all characters have. It works well against the Super Dash because it is invincible to aerial attacks. Characters are in the air during a Super Dash, which means it’s considered an aerial attack. It may take some time, but with practice it’s not overly difficult to see the opponent using a Super Dash, and react with a Down + Heavy Attack. Even if you just stay crouching and react with Heavy Attack to make it easier, practice makes perfect and you’ll be punishing Super Dash on reaction in no time.

If you block a Super Dash, most characters don’t have a good way to punish it, so you’ll need to use Down + Heavy Attack to hit the opponent out of the Super Dash before it connects. Keep in mind, your opponent can use an assist attack to cover their Super Dash approach, which is another reason why you should try to react to a Super Dash instead of spamming Down + Heavy Attack or trying to use the attack preemptively.

At the very least, don’t let your opponents get away with spamming Super Dash over and over again. If you can connect with Down + Heavy Attack you can not only punish the Super Dash, but go right into a combo to score yourself some big damage in the process.

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