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Dragon Ball FighterZ Controls

by Prima Games Staff

With Dragon Ball FighterZ now in the hands of a few lucky players who got into the limited play sessions this weekend, we thought it would be a good opportunity to cover the controls for the game. This article showcases the Dragon Ball FighterZ controls so that you have a basic grasp of how the game plays and if you want to play with a controller or an arcade stick. At the moment it seems like both options will work as you can customize the Dragon Ball FighterZ controls to your liking.

Once you’ve got the controls down, be sure to check out the basic techniques that are universal, as well as the specific attacks for each character so you can really hit the ground running this weekend. The first step is the controls in Dragon Ball FighterZ, so let’s get right to it.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Controls (Default)

Dragon Ball FighterZ Controls PS4

Dragon Ball FighterZ Controls Xbox

Basic Controls

Attack PS4 Xbox One
Light Attack (L) Square X
Medium Attack (M) Triangle Y
Heavy Attack (H) Circle B
Special Attack (S) X A
Assist 1 (A1) L1 LB
Assist 2 (A2) L2 LT
Dragon Rush (Throw) X + Circle A + B
Ki Charge X + Square A + X
Sparking Blast X + Circle + Square + Triangle A + B + X + Y
Super Dash Square + Triangle X + Y
Vanish Triangle + Circle Y + B

In addition to the basic attacks listed above, it’s possible to chain Light Attacks into Medium Attacks into Heavy Attacks, as well as call assists by pressing the Assist 1 or Assist 2 button. If you hold Assist 1 or Assist 2 you will switch to that character and your current character will tag out. Every character also has a universal overhead performed by pressing Forward + Medium Attack (Triangle or Y by default).

By default there are no single buttons assigned to Vanish, Dragon Rush, Super Dash or Sparking Blast. However, you can still use the two-button method for these attacks, or customize the controls to set these commands to any single button you wish, or even change any of the other attack buttons as well.

Additional Commands

Attack Command PS4 Xbox One Notes
Auto Combo 1 L, L, L, L Square, Square, Square, Square X, X, X, X Basic auto combo.
Auto Combo 2 M, M, M, M Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle Y, Y, Y, Y Ends with a super move if you have enough meter.
Character Switch Hold A1 or A2 Hold L1 or L2 Hold LB or LT New character comes in with a Super Dash.
Snap Back Dragon Rush, then A1 or A2 X + Circle, then A1 or A2 A + B, then A1 or A2 Throw, then force one of the opponent’s assist characters into the match.
Deflect Back + S Back + X Back + A Strict timing required.
Guard Cancel Tag

Forward + A1 or A2
(while blocking)

Forward + L1 or L2
(while blocking)

Forward + LB or LT
(while blocking)

Tags in the desired assist character while blocking an attack. Costs 1 meter.
Universal Anti-Air Down + H Down + Circle Down + B Invincible to most aerial attacks.
Universal Overhead Forward + M Forward + Triangle Forward + Y Basic overhead attack.

For more information on these additional commands we highly recommend checking out the universal basics for playing the game. You should also take a look at the individual attacks for each character. We’ve got all that and more in our Dragon Ball FighterZ game hub!