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DOOM Eternal Voice Actors Cast

by Nicholas Barth

Voice actors are one of the most critical groups when it comes to video game development. Their talents and skills allow them to breathe life into all of the characters that fans come to love. This importance of voice actors is ever prevalent in DOOM Eternal, as the cast of the title helped bring a plethora of amazing characters to life to allow fans to experience and enjoy. Fortunately for all of you curious folks out there, we have gathered together all of the voice actors who worked on the cast of main characters for the latest entry in the iconic video game franchise. 

DOOM Eternal Voice Actors Cast

You can find the voice actors cast for the main characters of the adrenaline-fueled first-person shooter below:

  • Mathew Waterson – Slayer
  • Kevin Schon – Vega
  • Edward Bosco – Icon of Sin and Marauder
  • Darin De Paul – Samuel Hayden
  • Nika Futterman – Khan Makyr and Elena

 DOOM Eternal Voice Actors Cast

There is no doubt that there will be a treasure trove of players enjoying the performances of these individuals during their playthroughs of this new game. These skilled professionals make saving humanity from the demonic forces of Hell one of the most entertaining gaming adventures gamers have seen in some time. 

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