The Plasma Rifle is a potent weapon that players can use in their fight against the forces of Hell in DOOM Eternal. This weapon is plenty powerful on its own. However, players can make it even stronger by equipping mods to it, which allows it to dish out even more destructive power than before. Fortunately, we have all of the enhancements for the Plasma Rifle covered for you.

DOOM Eternal Plasma Rifle Mods

There are two different mods that players can equip to this rifle. These two enhancements can be switched at a moment's notice allowing players to use whichever one they feel like is best suited for a particular combat situation. You can find these enhancements below:

Heat Blast

Firing this weapon builds up excess heat that can be released as a powerful blast.

Microwave Beam

Acquires a target and fires a concentrated beam of plasma energy that will lock down an enemy and cause them to explode on death.

DOOM Eternal Plasma Rifle Mods

You can purchase these mods at floating drones, which are glowing blue. These drones will be found at various locations during your playthrough and are easy to spot when you are destroying demons. 

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