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Does Wuthering Waves Have Controller Support for Mobile Gameplay?- Answered

Well, does it?

Wuthering Waves has arrived on PC and mobile, but players are left confused and frustrated by the game’s lack of playable controls. Some people enjoy the game on keyboard and mouse, while others are completely fine tapping away on iOS and Android. But what about controller players? Does Wuthering Waves have controller support for mobile gameplay? Here’s everything we know.

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How to Use Controller Support for Mobile in Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves seems to work perfectly fine on PC with the controls being properly adjusted for the platform. However, the standard controls for iOS and Android aren’t optimized well and can be tricky to navigate on small screens. One of the biggest reasons why the Wuthering Waves community isn’t too happy about the game’s launch is because of the lack of controller support features for PC and mobile. Wuthering Waves currently doesn’t have any solid, optimized controller support features.

Controller support is an essential feature in any game that allows players to connect controllers via wire USB or Bluetooth to their device, so they can play the game using actual gaming controllers. Not only does controller support offer a comfortable way for some players to enjoy the game, but it’s also an accessible option for individuals who struggle to use keyboard and mouse functions or standard mobile controls.

Obviously, every game has its own issues at launch and most players in the community have remained optimistic about Wuthering Waves, knowing that more updates and fixes will come in the future. However, to know that the game has been in development for years and featured multiple tests, makes some players wonder why this basic gameplay feature wasn’t properly optimized or added for the title’s full release.

Hopefully the developers, Kuro Games, swiftly add controller support for Wuthering Waves on PC and mobile, so everyone can enjoy playing the game. For more news articles, guides, and lists about Wuthering Waves, feel free to check out our dedicated section on Prima Games.

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