Does Tetris Mobile Have Controller Support?

If you aren’t fond of swiping Tetriminos, here’s what you need to know in terms of whether Tetris Mobile has controller support.

Tetris Mobile has garnered quite a bit of attention following the announcement of new modes like Primetime where you have a chance to earn real money playing Tetris.

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With all of this new interest comes Tetris players who have questions about Tetris Mobile, including whether it has controller support. If you’re looking to find out the status of controller support in Tetris Mobile, here’s what we know! 

Does Tetris Mobile have controller support?

The quick answer to the question of whether Tetris Mobile has controller support is no, it does not. On Twitter, someone asked this exact question recently and inquired about plans to add controller support in the future.

Tetris Mobile responded, “Unfortunately we have nothing to share about controller support right now, but the best way to stay up to date with all things Tetris mobile is to sign up for our newsletter at” 

The answer doesn’t outright say they’ll never add controller support to Tetris Mobile, so while there’s no controller support right now, seeing it added later on isn’t outside the realm of possibility. That said, the answer is kept intentionally vague in saying they can’t provide any info on the matter and to sign up for their newsletter for updates. 

If controller support was something being actively worked on, we might’ve seen a “coming soon” announcement instead. It’s all speculation at this point, but it sounds like it might be a while before we hear anything further about controller support. 

We imagine that any updates and patches to Tetris Mobile will be announced in their newsletter along with things like special events, so it’s worth it to sign up if you’re invested in the game. Furthermore, you can follow Tetris Mobile accounts on social media to catch any updates posted there. 

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As of right now, it’s sad to hear there’s no controller support in Tetris Mobile, but we’re cautiously optimistic about the possibility of seeing controller support added in the future. Looking to give Tetris Mobile a try? The game is available for free right now on Android and iOS devices, check it out! 

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