Does Rumbleverse Have Voice Chat? – Answered

Yell "Let's get ready to RUMBLEEEEE" to your teammates at the start of the game.

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Rumbleverse is a somewhat fresh take on a battle royale genre that is still very popular today. Iron Galaxy has delivered a twist to the genre by having melee combat as the central theme of the game. But, have devs implemented a voice chat feature in Rumbleverse for you to be able to coordinate better with your team? Prima Games investigates.

Is There Voice Chat in Rumbleverse?

Luckily for most players who queue alone, the answer to this question is positive. Iron Galaxy just could not skip this feature, as it would make the game very difficult to play in a team setting – unless you play with buddies and hang out on Discord or another VoIP platform. We just cannot imagine a battle royale without voice chat, even in solo queue, where you can experience quite comical trash talk moments with your opponents (that sometimes even end up in funny YouTube compilations that millions enjoy afterward).

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Can You Use Voice Chat in Rumbleverse?

Yes, you can use voice chat in Rumbleverse. You can also turn it off or mute a player individually. While in the game lobby, you can click on a player and then, in the drop-down menu, press the “Mute” option. If you are the leader of the lobby/party, you can also promote them to the leader or kick them as well. You can also unmute them in the same manner.

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Also, from the Social menu, you can go to Settings and adjust which voice chat options are you going to have on your client, including the volume and the status of your microphone (Default is Open Mic, but you might want to change that).

While you are in-game, you can just pop up options and mute the voice chat completely with a press of a button as well.

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